Tuesday 21 November 2017

A Springboard programme - is it for someone like me?

Now more than ever we need to keep ahead of our competitors in the skills race.

At a national level that means improving and increasing the overall level of skills across the working population. At an individual level it means enhancing your personal skills level and developing new ones to increase your job prospects by improving your employability.

What do we mean by employability?

Every job requires a particular core skills set. The wider your skills set the more jobs and careers that will be open to you and the better your employment prospects will be.

Peter Hawkins, author and graduate careers adviser at the University of Liverpool states that "to be employed is to be at risk and to be employable is to be secure". Participating in education builds your skills set and increases your employability.

Forfás have identified skills gaps evident across multiple types of enterprise throughout Ireland.

These include:

* gaps in mathematical proficiency

* language proficiency and knowledge of foreign markets

* business acumen,

* management capability and entrepreneurship

* science

* ICT (information and communications technology)

It also identified gaps in generic skills such as communication, project management and team-working.

Building confidence

One of the greatest challenges faced by those who find themselves unemployed and especially for those slipping into the long-term unemployed category is dwindling self-confidence. Sending out lots of CVS and getting no reply or no interview can be a self-defeating process.

Getting as far as an interview but receiving no job offer can be equally disheartening. Improving the depth and scope of your skills levels will greatly improve your career prospects.

Gaining credits

From an academic perspective, every module (subject area) you successfully complete as part of a Springboard programme will gain you a number of credits known as ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). These ECTS are carried with you throughout your career allowing for the transfer of learning experiences between different institutions, greater educational mobility.

What's on offer?

From Degrees in Engineering to a Certificate in Artisan Food Skills Development there is a healthy choice of programmes on offer. All courses are fully accredited and range from from NFO Level 6 to NFO Level 9.

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