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Is it the long stretch in the evening? Three quarters of Irish mums feel ‘friskier’ in June, July and August


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It’s a well known fact that most of the country goes mad for that long stretch in the evening, but it seems no-one more so than Irish mothers who have admitted feeling ‘frisker’ during the summer months.

A new study has found than 74pc of Irish mums get it on with their partners more in June, July and August than during any other season.

The research conducted by Mummypages.ie found that 35pc of mothers have sex three or four times each week during the summer, compared to just 10pc who get equally as busy between the bed sheets in winter.

It’s not just the longer evenings that boost Irish women’s sex life as many admitted that having the kids around to help with chores and more summer date nights gave way to a romance boost.

Commenting on research Laura Haugh, spokesperson for MummyPages said: 

 “It’s completely natural for a mum to experience an increase or decrease in her sex drive. A person’s sex drives changes constantly over the course of a lifetime but never more so than in those early years of having children. Managing a career, a busy household and looking after young children can leave parents physically and mentally exhausted which doesn’t leave them with much time for themselves or each other.”

“The summer months bring longer and brighter evenings. The constant tiredness experienced by many of our mums seems easier to cope with and they feel more energetic and more positive. Of course, the start of summer also says goodbye to strict school and morning routines and instead mums look forward to a family holiday and a chance to spend more quality time together.”  

The study also found that 18pc of mums have sex just once a month or less on average while an energetic 2pc have sex with their partner every day.

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