Thursday 18 July 2019

'I feel a bit cheated' - Mum-of-two buys school uniform jumper two-pack in Tesco but one had Marks and Spencer label

Both jumpers were made in Bangladesh, the woman explained.
Both jumpers were made in Bangladesh, the woman explained.
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

An Irish mum-of-two claims she bought a two-pack of school uniform jumpers in Tesco recently, only to find one was labelled as belonging to another department store.

The Wicklow mum bought the school jumpers in Tesco in Greystones last Monday August 13.

When she came home and opened the pack, she realised one of the jumpers had a Marks and Spencer label on it.

The mum told “The F&F label was on the front. I opened the packet because I was going to put them through the wash… I had to do a double take.

“They’re exactly the same. The labels with the washing instructions are the same, and the fabric composition… everything is exactly the same except one has an M&S label and the other has a Tesco label.”

Both jumpers were made in Bangladesh, the woman added.

Both jumpers were made in Bangladesh, the woman explained.
Both jumpers were made in Bangladesh, the woman explained.

A two-pack of school jumpers is from €15 in Marks and Spencer, according to its spokesperson. While a two-pack v-neck jumper set is from €7.50, according to a Tesco spokesperson.

The mum said: “There's a big price difference. Most people would buy at least two jumpers for each child, so it all adds up.”

“I feel a bit cheated. I have a job; my husband has a job, but at the same time I’m interested in saving as much money as possible. I have two kids starting school now this year… it all adds up.”

“I would look at M&S being a cut above the rest. By paying more, you feel reassured that you’re getting a different product. But you’re buying the same product.”

“I would love other people to know, don’t be fooled by this. These jumpers are exactly the same… Both of those came out of the same pack.”

“It’s definitely a learning,” she said.

Tesco said it was “surprised” to hear of the woman’s experience.

“We were surprised to hear of this anomaly as it has not happened before. We would like to thank the customer for highlighting it and ask her to return the jumpers to store so we can review it with our supplier.”

Meanwhile, a Marks and Spencer spokesperson said: "This is not an M&S product and we’re looking into why one of our labels has been used. Our school uniforms are made to our own specifications to ensure we’re offering our customers great quality products.”

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