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Saturday 24 August 2019

Glen's a pug who can work a crowd

Glen, the pet of Lorraine Byrnes
Glen, the pet of Lorraine Byrnes

They say good-looking, attractive people get more attention and do better than average looking mortals. But what about dogs?

Well Glen, our five-month-old pug, a breed not generally known for its good looks, has completely smashed that stereotype and has bowled us over with the level of attention and warm fuzzy feelings he generates. He is what the doctor would call a "tonic".

From the moment we got him, we very quickly noticed a pattern developing. We couldn't get more than a few steps with him without passers by stopping to interact, look into his big, soulful pug eyes and "ooh" and "ahh" at the curliness of his little tail and the fawn colour of his coat. Some even asked for photos to show their children "who always wanted a pug".

Glen was only too happy to oblige once he contained himself, and took it all in his stride, wagging his tail, licking everyone, whether they asked him to or not. The really lucky ones even got to see him frolicking like a lamb at the excitement and pleasure of interacting with them.

Looks are one thing, but it's his fun-loving personality that wins them over every time. Glen has no awareness of the natural magnetism he exudes but it is not lost on us.

Going to the local pet store, normally a five-minute walk without Glen, is now 40 minutes when we bring him, because of all the interaction he encounters both within and outside the shop. I kid you not, even the staff at the Centra next door to the pet shop come out to pet him after hearing the fuss outside.

He has become like a little local celebrity and is a fantastic conversation-starter, with people wanting to know "his name, how old he is" and other doggie small talk.

If Glen was a rock star, I'd put him akin to Elvis - same smouldering eyes and ability to work a crowd, but most of all he is a natural connector who reminds us how good it feels to have interaction and connection with people.

As his family, we get the added benefit of experiencing every day the smiles and warm fuzzy feelings he brings to everyone he meets - even on your worst day he never fails to lift your spirit and put a pep in your step. If Glen could bottle and sell this gift, he'd be a millionaire.

We are so proud of Glen and the light and love he spreads around to every one he meets, and are privileged to be his family.

Name: Glen

Owner: Lorraine Byrnes, Glenageary, Co Dublin

Finest hour: Mastering his first double-pawed high five!

Likes: People

Dislikes: Being alone

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