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Five tips to make washing your clothes easier, according to a productivity ninja


"Pairing socks is over-rated," according to Grace Marshall. Stock Image

"Pairing socks is over-rated," according to Grace Marshall. Stock Image

"Pairing socks is over-rated," according to Grace Marshall. Stock Image

There's no doubt about it - laundry is one of life’s interminable chores. As soon as the basket is emptied, it fills right back up again.

A quarter of Irish households are doing more than 10 loads of washing a week, according to a recent survey by Samsung Ireland.

Productivity ninja Grace Marshall says there are some simple steps you can follow to make washing clothes less arduous.

1. Pairing socks is over-rated

Marshall says we should either embrace wearing odd socks, since pairs often become separated, just buy a big batch of the same socks so that every sock matches. Make pairing socks after washing a redundant activity, Marshall says.

“If you must pair socks, then use a mesh bag to keep them together - but don’t over-stuff or they won’t wash properly.”

2. Sort first, wash later

“Rather than sorting your clothes when it’s laundry time, keep separate laundry baskets for lights/darks/delicates, etc. That way sorting happens up front and distributes the workload across the family. Plus when a basket gets full you can put it straight in the washing machine,” Marshall says.

3. Hang up the washing in batches

Group each person’s clothes together on the line, Marshall suggests. That way when you take it off the line, it’s already batched up by room.

“Bonus points if you get each person take their own clothes off the line and put them away,” she jokes.

4. Cut out the ironing

If you use a tumble dryer, most clothes don’t need ironing if they're hung up straight away.

5. Make it… fun

If you’ve got a pile of folding to do, do it in front of the TV, or while on chatting to a friend. A little bit of light distraction can help make it less onerous.

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Marshall cautions: “Although be careful not to multitask too much, as one man found out when he decided to do the ironing while watching boxing and drinking a beer - when the phone rang, he picked up the iron (ouch!)”

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