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'Everything we have gone through has been very worthwhile' - couple who spent €50,000 on IVF overjoyed at birth of baby


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A woman who suffered three miscarriages and underwent a gruelling five years of fertility and IVF treatments has spoken of her joy of finally having a baby.

The 40-year-old Irish woman, who calls herself Eva, wrote to the Independent.ie about her experience. The day little Harry was born was without doubt the best day of her life, she says.

But giving birth to a beautiful baby boy didn’t happen by chance. It was five years in the making.

Eva, a former tax clerk, and her husband Frank (38), first started IVF treatment in 2011 and spent nearly €50,000 on tests and IVF treatment since then.

But in January 2016, their reward came when little Harry was born a month early weighing 5lbs 7oz.

“We were devastated at the miscarriages but overjoyed when our son was born, it was an amazing feeling after trying for so long,” Eva said.

“You have to really want a child, to go through all that we’ve been through – we consider ourselves very lucky.

“It’s hard for both partners but especially so for the woman; there are so many tests and so much medication to take, but it’s been very worthwhile for us.”

Eva and Frank have now decided to try for another baby and they are travelling to IVF Cube in Prague for their treatment. This will be the couple’s last ever attempt at IVF treatment.

“Like me, a good friend wanted to be a mum but couldn’t seem to have a successful pregnancy.

“Eventually she decided on IVF treatment, but she didn’t want to do it close where she lives. Instead she researched her options and chose to go to IVF Cube in Prague. The treatment she received meant she fell pregnant, later giving birth to twins.”

After a miscarriage and a failed IVF experience in Dublin, Eva also made the decision to travel to Prague.

“I was also just passing my mid-30s and knew time was running out.”

“I’d tried IVF at a clinic in Ireland, and, although I fell pregnant, and I really hadn’t liked the experience, and then I miscarried.”

After Eva travelled to Prague, she started standard IVF treatment, which involved taking specialist medication, and to her delight, she soon became pregnant.

However, the couple were devastated in October 2013 when Eva suffered a miscarriage. Over the next 14 months, she had two more.

Although no problems had been identified with Eva’s eggs which would inhibit pregnancy or carrying to term, they were found to be grade three, which in medical terms means that they are not quite in peak condition.

The couple then opted to use a donor matching system, where they could select an anonymous donor with similar genetic traits as theirs, ensuring as close as possible to a family match for their child.

Their donor is a healthy 21-year-old who has two children of her own, they have discovered.

Eva and Frank are now bracing themselves for their last IVF attempt.

“In some ways we feel we are being greedy, but we would love a sibling for our son.

“With IVF, it’s always a bit of rollercoaster ride, it’s never just from A to B, you feel like you are going all over the place.

“What I do know is that everything we have gone through has been very worthwhile.

“The financial cost does play a part and treatment in both Dublin and Prague has been expensive.

“But even with the travel costs involved, receiving treatment in Prague has still been significantly cheaper – and we got the result we wanted.”