Wednesday 18 July 2018

You're more likely to be a love rat if you're a cat lover

26pc of cheaters owned cats
26pc of cheaters owned cats
Allison Bray

Allison Bray

So-called 'love rats' are overwhelmingly cat people, while owners of rodents are typically faithful to their partners, a survey of cheating spouses reveals

As owners around the world celebrated their feline friends as part of International Cat Day yesterday, an online poll by reveals they are more likely to have extramarital affairs compared to other pet owners.

The survey of 1,000 subscribers to the UK-based dating website for married people - which has close to 63,000 registered Irish members - found that 26pc of cheating spouses are cat owners.

Rabbit owners apparently share the same rampant sex drives as their pets - comprising 17pc of the membership base.

Subscribers who keep snakes and other reptiles were the third most likely to cheat, with 15pc admitting to playing away from home.

By comparison, dog owners seemingly share the same loyalty traits as their pooches, comprising just 7pc of members.

Owners of rats and other rodents - including gerbils - scored towards the bottom of the love-rat list, with just 12pc admitting to philandering, while fish keepers proved themselves to be more or less faithful, making up 9pc of members.

"It's often been said that a person reflects the traits of their animal, so is it any surprise to see cats top the list?" said spokesman Christian Grant.

While cat lovers may disagree with the Merriam-Webster dictionary's description of feline traits as "sly, treacherous and stealthy", the fact they comprise more than a quarter of the website's membership speaks for itself, he said.

"The jury has always been out on whether cats genuinely love their human companions, or whether their loyalty lies with whoever can best satisfy their stomachs," he said.

"Simply put, cats will follow whoever can best satisfy their needs, no matter how long they've been with a particular human.

"It seems that pet owners really do take on the characteristics of their pets," he told the Herald.

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