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'You were my best friend': Wexford teenager pens emotional song after losing his granny

A Wexford songwriter has shared a touching tribute to his late grandmother after losing his “best friend”.

Schoolboy Dion Hogan (14) penned the lyrics to his song Miss You as a means to cope with the loss of his beloved ‘Nanny’.

The teenager’s auntie Caroline recorded Dion performing the emotional tune, which he accompanied with the bodhran.

The Rathangan singer/songwriter said his music is often inspired by his late grandmother, who he lost in 2009.

In the song, the 14-year-old sings: “I guess God said you couldn't stay it hurts me every time I think of you. I'm just sat here just thinking about you. Nanny you don't realise how much I miss you.

"Remembering all the good times we had back in the house where we used to laugh and play. 30th of July was when you said good bye I dropped on my knees and I started to cry. You were my best friend my only friend.”

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