Wednesday 13 November 2019

Woman gives birth to baby boy hours after crawling from car wreck that killed her partner

Stefanie Teixeira with her newborn son Kayson Photo Credit: 7 News Adelaide
Stefanie Teixeira with her newborn son Kayson Photo Credit: 7 News Adelaide

Patricia Murphy

An Australian woman who survived a road collision which took the life of her partner gave birth to a healthy baby boy hours after the accident.

Pregnant Stefanie Teixeira (32) and her partner Kevin Porker (40) were involved in a collision with an articulated lorry in Geelong, Victoria on April 6, which claimed his life.

Teixeira, who was 39 weeks pregnant, crawled from the wreckage and gave birth to her son, Kayson, 24 hours after the accident.

Speaking to Melbourne’s 7 News, the mum-of-four spoke of the tragedy that killed her beloved partner before he had the chance to meet his son.

"We were following Google maps and turned on to a road that was very steep," she said.

"It was a scary ride. It was like a nightmare where you can’t get off of it, you can’t stop."

After freeing herself from the wreckage, Teixeira said she desperately searched for her partner’s phone in order to alert emergency services to the scene, and panicked when he would not respond to her.

"I was trying to call out to him but there was just silence. I was OK, I was walking around, I just wanted to get help for him.

"I checked to see if there was a pulse but in that moment, you just want to go and get help.

"We didn’t know what we were having, he was very, very adamant about having a surprise.

"It was supposed to be the three of us coming back together, starting our life together as parents," she said.

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