Tuesday 22 May 2018

Why this Irish mother let her son dress as a witch for Halloween - and Elsa from Frozen

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

There's been a lot of conversation online in recent months around little boys, in particular, choosing toys that some people would consider to be for girls.

In a number of instances, their parents reaction to their choice has gone viral, racking up millions of views on sites like Facebook.

Ellen Butler (28), spoke to Independent.ie about why she allows her son Lewis(3) to dress up as a witch, a princess of even Elsa from Frozen.

Butler says that Lewis' choices are more about "having fun" and playing with his sister than his sexuality.

"To him, when he dresses as a princess, it's role play. It's not feminine to him, it's just mirroring his favourite characters".

"Girls can dress up as pirates and nobody says a word.. but you put a boy in a sparkly dress and people panic".

This Halloween, Lewis wanted to go as a witch, and Butler says she doesn't care if "people don't like it".

"He wanted to go as a witch... his saw his sister do it the night before".

Butler spoke to Lewis' preschool teacher who told her that none of his classmates batted an eye at his choice of costume.

"Adults would be like, 'oh look at that boy in a dress' but kids don't care".

Butler says that Lewis often wants to copy his big sister Lavena(4).

"When I paint his sister's nails... he asks for one. That's fine - it's just one!"

"It's not going to turn him gay... it's just having fun".

Butler says that there's a difference between allowing kids to choose any toy and asking them to choose their gender.

"I don't agree with those parents letting their kids be gender neutral or letting them choose their own gender, that's parents putting their gender issues on the kids... I watched a documentary about it. To the kids it's just role-playing".

Butler thinks that people are "more harsh on boys" than they are on girls.

"He's now asking for the Barbie shopping till, while (his sister) is off playing with tractors but nobody says anything to her!".

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