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Watch: Sophie (5) meets her 'Great Nana' with dementia - and their meeting is beautiful

This touching video shows the moment Sophie (5), met her great-granny Breda.

Speaking to Independent.ie, Sophie's mother, Sarah Miller, explained that Sophie's 'great Nana' has dementia, and they were worried how the two would interact.

The last time Sophie and Nana met, Sophie was nine months old.

Sarah explained that her parents, Yvonne and Sandy, would fly "back and forth" to visit Breda in London, where she lives.

"Everytime they'd come back, they'd show Sophie a video".

Sarah said they had no reason to worry however, as the meeting was "wonderful".


"We were worried (Sophie) would be scared... but she wasn't. She was sitting up, rubbing her face, singing songs to her and chatting away... she loved it".

"It's like Nana came back to life. She was chatting about when she was young - it's as if she went back to being a child".

"She was crying... she said it was breaking her heart. It was as if she knew she had dementia and couldn't express herself".

'Great Nana' Breda is blind, Sarah explained, but it was as if she could see Sophie.

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"She was following Sophie, all she wanted was Sophie".

"Normally, all she calls for is her husband Joe. When Sophie left, she was calling for Sophie through the night".

Sarah said that Sophie is a little girl who normally loves shopping, but forgoed shopping in London to spend more time with her new best friend.

"She said 'I want to stay here'. So she stayed, singing and talking - almost like she was Mammy to Nana!"

"We never knew anyone with dementia before... kids are a breath of fresh air".

Sophie and her family, mum Sarah, dad William Flynn and siblings Kayley (2) and Bobby (8 months) live in Ireland, while Great Nana Breda lives in England. Following their visit, Sophie had to return to Ireland.

"Sophie didn't want to leave Nana. She was very upset. When we landed, she was bawling".

"She's a sensitive little thing, she'd always be in tune with people's feelings".

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