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VIDEO: Gorgeous Irish couple married for 50 years campaign for Marriage Equality


An Irish couple, who have been married for more than fifty years, have made a heart-warming video pledging their support for marriage equality.

Brighid and Paddy from Louth said it was their hope that all people in Irish society could experience the same "companionship and protections" which they have as Irish citizens.

“We wish other couples gay or straight could experience the love, protections and companionship that we have experienced,” Brighid said in the video.

The Dundalk couple said their opinions on same sex marriage have changed throughout the last twenty years but urged Irish people to vote yes in the upcoming referendum.

“Twenty years ago I probably would have voted no but now that I know gay people I can see the love and the joy they bring to life. I will be voting yes,” said Paddy.

The grandparents expressed that it was their hope that their grandchildren’s civil rights were recognised in Irish legislation.

“We would like you to take the time to consider and reflect on something. It could happen sometime in the future that your son or daughter, grandchild or great grandchild will tell you they are gay,” said Paddy.

“When they ask you how you voted in this referendum and why did you bother to vote at all, what will you tell them?

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“Will you tell them you tried to make a difference?”

The couple said that the nation has an opportunity to “change things for the better”.

“The ever loving God that we believe in will say we did the right thing and the Christian thing for voting yes to Marriage Equality,” said Brighid.

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