Saturday 21 April 2018

Valentine’s Day: Dublin Zoo’s most loved up couple have been going strong since 1995

Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Dublin Zoo’s most content couple Western lowland gorillas Harry and Lena are getting set to celebrate their twentieth Valentine’s Day together next weekend.

The loved up residents have been mates since 1995 and have produced six babies throughout their relationship.

“Their bond has always been really strong and since day one Harry has always taken a liking to our gorillas. There was other females in the group he really liked Lena and she liked him,” said zookeeper Brendan Walsh.

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with gorillas for a few years now and to see their bond is something that will always stick with me,” he said.

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Perhaps silverback Harry’s domineering personality as the group leader attracted Lena the most as his main priority is always to protect the group.

Lena has given birth to six healthy, baby gorillas with Harry since 1995
Lena has given birth to six healthy, baby gorillas with Harry since 1995
Lena is a particularly good mother says zookeeper Brendan Walsh
Lena pictured with one of her babies.
Silverback gorilla Harry and Lena have been together since 1995

Lena is one of the zoo’s best mothers which is perhaps a key to the pair’s successful string of offspring.

Irish singles looking to take inspiration from the zoo’s relationship success story can do a number of things to try and replicate the romance.

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“Animals are great communicators and are more straight forward in what they do. You meet a lot of couples in the zoo and I suppose you should never sleep on an argument which animals don’t do. They deal with their problems there and then,” said Brendan.

Those interested in laying eyes upon the gorillas on Valentine’s Day weekend might be interested in the zoo’s romantic morning being held on February 15.

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