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Perfect match: Woman marries the stranger who donated a part of his liver to save her life


Heather and Chris wed earlier this month Photo Credit Facebook

Heather and Chris wed earlier this month Photo Credit Facebook

Heather and Chris wed earlier this month Photo Credit Facebook

An American couple are the perfect match in more ways than one, after they wed following a life-saving liver transplant from one to the other.

Illinois woman Heather Krueger was seriously ill with stage 4 liver disease in 2014 and doctors predicted she would have just months to live without a vital transplant.

Chris Dempsey, who worked with Heather’s cousin as an enforcement officer, was compelled by her story and decided to get tested to see if he was a potential donor match.

Despite never having met Heather, former Marine Chris decided to donate a part of his liver to save Heather’s life.

Chris said he felt compelled to help Heather, who would die without a transplant.

The pair went for lunch ahead of the surgery, where they realised their connection was more than just a blood type match.

Speaking to Today.com, Chris said: "When I heard about her situation, I just put myself in that situation, thinking if this was one of my family members or me, I would want somebody to help me out.

"My mom was kind of nervous at first for me. Some people didn’t understand why I would do this for a stranger, but as time went on, people changed their tune and thought it was a cool thing I was doing."

After the surgery, Heather and Chris realised their feelings for one another were stronger than just friendship and last December they became engaged.

The couple married in Illinois earlier this month.

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Heather said: "He had told me at the beginning of everything, ’You owe me absolutely nothing for this. We can go our separate ways if that’s what you want’.

"It was kind of like, we do have this special bond, but is this just because I’m sick that I’m feeling this way? You had to kind of separate that, but after the surgery, I realized it went beyond that."

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