Monday 23 September 2019

‘People were moaning about the traffic but my dad was never going to come home’: Woman overwhelmed by response to her emotional post

Lisa Marie pictured with her dad Eugene
Lisa Marie pictured with her dad Eugene

Patricia Murphy

An Irish woman who lost her father following a road traffic accident four months ago has been overwhelmed by the response to her Facebook post in which she appealed for motorists to “look at the bigger picture”.

Lisa Marie Maher lost her father Eugene (62) earlier this year and yesterday criticised drivers who took to social media to complain about the traffic caused by an accident which left a woman in critical condition in Dublin.

“Four months ago I lost my father to a road traffic incident so it’s quite raw for me. When I hear of these things happening I suppose it brings the emotions back.

“I remember how I felt on that day when I got that phone call and how I felt when I was told the news,” Lisa Marie told Ryan Tubridy on Radio One.

“Yesterday, I put myself in that family’s position so I suppose from a personal point of view when I went on and had a look at the congestion on Facebook of people giving out and moaning about how they were going to be late for work and how their whole day was affected.... it upset me.

“Looking at the things people were saying like, ’Move the wreckage to one side’... it really impacted me,” she said.

Lisa yesterday took to Facebook to ask motorists to be more sensitive about road traffic accidents and her post has been liked more than 24,000 times.

“So many people are so caught up in their everyday lives,” said Lisa Marie.

 “This lady is fighting for her life in hospital and her family were rushing to be by her side.”

Lisa Marie, who has two children aged two and three, revealed that yesterday reminded her of the day she was told her dad had died after being knocked off his bike in Clontarf.

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“I was at home at dinnertime with my children. My mum rang and told me that dad had been in an accident and he had been taken to Beaumont Hospital.

“We had been asked to make our way up there. I knew my dad had been out on his bike, it was something that he’d done all of his life. There was nothing unusual there.

“We were asked to wait for a period of time as often is the case and I was scrolling through Facebook and my friends were giving out about being stuck in traffic following the accident without knowing that it was actually my dad and as a result as what had happened.

“I was so angry at these people who had gotten home to their families and my dad was never going to come home.

“Yesterday brought me right back to that place,” said Lisa Marie.

Lisa Marie urged people stuck in traffic to “look at the bigger picture” when it comes to accidents and to count themselves lucky.

“I wanted people to see the human side of this situation.

“Ultimately if you slow down and take a look around and see the big picture you’ll realise that there’s more to this than what’s going on in your immediate moment,” she said.

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