Friday 20 September 2019

Over half of Irish women want a man who is good with a drill

Irish women like a man who is good at DIY
Irish women like a man who is good at DIY

A man who has prowess with a hammer scores highly among Irish women are looking for in an ideal partner material.

Research commissioned by RaboDirect, the online savings bank, as part of its ‘Scabby or Smart’ campaign reveals many attitudes around dating that can tell what is important to people looking for Mr and Mrs Right. 

And while over 50 pc of women are looking for a man who likes DIY, a similar numer of men (54 pc) want a woman who is good in the kitchen.

It’s clear from the research that it’s smarter to watch the pennies when it comes to spending on dates as love lies with those who save. A whopping 81% of Irish people say that their ideal partner would be a saver rather than a spender.

Most men (84%) it seems are still traditionalists at heart and insist on offering to pay the entire cost of the first date.  In contrast, just one in ten women would make a similar offer though more than half (68%) now happily offer to split the bill.

Two in ten women take a ‘wait and see’ approach preferring to see what their date suggests while one in ten (9%) adopt the arguably more frugal attitude of ‘you asked, you pay’, approach to the first date. 

Commenting on the results, Avril Mulcahy, Ireland’s modern matchmaker and dating expert warns singletons about the importance of striking a balance being frugal and smart with their cash. “Spending patterns can tell a lot more about a person’s suitability as a partner than they might think – even from the first date!” she added. 


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Avril Mulcahy offers five top money tips for daters to help steer them towards their perfect partner:


1.            Know yourself first

Are you a saver or a spender? Or are you more ‘A la Carte’ than ‘Meal Deal? Understand what makes you tick financially will give you a better idea of the type of partner you want in your life.


2.            Save your money on the first date

Spending too much on a first date can scare a potential partner off as it can come across too strong and even a little needy.


3.            Think outside the box

From picnics in the park to cheaper theatre tickets – don’t be afraid to try novel dating ideas that don’t cost a fortune.


4.            Never a borrower or a lender be

Never lend to someone you’re dating. It usually ends in tears…


5.            Don’t let money be a dirty word

If you can’t afford the big time dates say so. Even early on in the relationship talking about money is a health sign.



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