Sunday 18 March 2018

'Nobody believes they're twins': Mum of incredibly rare twin sisters with completely different complexions

Nine-month-old Kalani (left) and her twin sister Jarani (right) are biracial twins. Photo: Whitney Meyer/Facebook
Nine-month-old Kalani (left) and her twin sister Jarani (right) are biracial twins. Photo: Whitney Meyer/Facebook
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

An American mum who gave birth to daughters who have completely different skin tones said people do not believe her when she tells them they are twins.

Nine-month-old Kalani and Jarani Dean from Illinois in the US are incredibly rare biracial twins, as one of the girls inherited her mother’s fair Caucasian complexion, while the other took after her father, Tomas, who is African American.

Like/share us please!! We're chromosome twins . Kalani(on left) is light with blue eyes and Jarani(on right) is the darker one with brown eyes. This is rare but so awesome to share!! How many likes can we get?

Posted by Whitney Meyer on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Speaking to US Weekly, the twins’ mum Whitney Meyer (25) said she was perplexed when the babies were born in April 2016 as they looked so different from one another. The pair are fraternal twins, meaning they were conceived from two separate eggs, fertilised by different sperm cells.  Whitney and Tomas also have a seven-year-old son together.

"I asked the doctor why Kalani's skin was so white," said Meyer.

"I couldn't figure out why she looked so different her sister.

"No one believes they're twins," Meyer said.

"When we go out in public, people will start looking at them because I dress them identical and I can tell they're confused."

The little girls also have completely different personalities according to their mum, who said Jarani is much more outgoing than her sister.

Posted by Whitney Meyer on Monday, January 23, 2017

"Kalani is our loud child," Meyer said.

"She is crawling everywhere and going nonstop."

"J doesn't like to move. She just wants to be held, and she loves to eat."

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