Monday 16 December 2019

'I'm going to have nice dark eyebrows ready for my photo with baby'- Blogger goes viral after having eyebrows tinted while giving birth

Photo Credit: Instagram @MollieMakeup
Photo Credit: Instagram @MollieMakeup Newsdesk Newsdesk

There’s a lot to think about ahead of a new baby’s arrival but for beauty blogger Mollie Harwood the condition of her eyebrows were among the list of top priorities.

A video of the Australian beauty guru was shared thousands of times internationally, in which she tinted her eyebrows while awaiting a caesarean section.

The procedure was delayed for the new mum, from New South Wales, who decided to use the time to spruce up for the arrival of her little one.

“So I arrived here thinking that I was going in at 10.30/11 to have a cesar and no that's not happening,” she said in the Facebook Live video

“It's currently a quarter to 11 and apparently it's so busy that they can't fit me in at the moment.

“I'm literally sitting around just waiting so I decided to go for a wander in the hospital and I found a beauty salon and the one thing I forgot to do before I came into hospital was get my eyebrows tinted so tada.”

The mum filmed the experience for her 2,600 followers but thousands more ended up tuning into the live coverage.

“There you go, I'm going to have nice dark eyebrows ready for my photo with baby which hopefully f*****g happens today,” she said.

Mollie pictured with baby Bronte. Photo via Facebook
Mollie pictured with baby Bronte. Photo via Facebook

Mollie later debuted her new daughter, 'Baby Bronte' on the social network.

The beauty blogger isn't the first to excite the internet with a hospital beauty routine as earlier this year, an image of New York blogger Alaha Majid went viral as she posed for photographs while in labour.

"Yes, I was doing my makeup while I was in labour! I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed. I only packed some of my favourite products in my hospital bag."

Majid’s hospital bag contained a few things that might not be so typical, including a full-coverage contour kit, false lashes, an eye shadow palette and liquid lipsticks.

Beneath one of the photos Majid wrote, "getting ready for my princess to make her appearance".

Instagram: @makeupbyalaha
Instagram: @makeupbyalaha

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