Sunday 22 April 2018

Heart-wrenching video demonstrates why you should avoid Irish puppy-farms at all costs this Christmas

A video has been released by Dogs Trust as part of their #StopKeepingMum campaign
A video has been released by Dogs Trust as part of their #StopKeepingMum campaign
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

An eye-opening video released by Dogs Trust demonstrates why hopeful dog owners should avoid supporting Irish puppy farms, where animals are often the victims of terrible cruelty.

The video, which is part of the organisation’s #StopKeepingMum campaign, highlights the treatment of female dogs in the process, who are kept in inhumane conditions and forced to have litter after litter until they die.

Showcasing the plight of an Irish dog named Honor, the video depicts a factory production line of puppies before the camera pans to the mother dog, treated just as a means to make a profit.

“Few things can prepare you for the horrific conditions mums like Honor are forced to live in on Puppy Farms,” literature on Dog Trust’s campaign page reads.

“To the people in charge they are breeding machines, forced to have litter after litter until their bodies are exhausted. Their only experiences with people have been cruelty and neglect.

“They’re kept in cages, covered in their own faeces and soaked in urine. They have no bedding and limited access to fresh water. They are nameless mothers who have never known daylight.”

The video was created as a means to raise vital funds to help protect these animals and to continue to shed light on the treatment of dogs in Irish puppy farms.

Ahead of Christmas, when many families might be searching for a new four-legged family member, Dogs Trust urges parents to avoid purchasing puppies from suspect puppy farms.

“If you suspect a puppy has come from a Puppy Farm don’t buy it. You may think you are saving a dog but you’ll be fuelling the Puppy Farm trade to continue this vile activity and the suffering of mums.”

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