Sunday 8 December 2019

Euros 2016 expected to prompt a baby boom as euphoria grips the nation

This is the most dangerous sex position
This is the most dangerous sex position

Patricia Murphy

The number of babies born next March could be significantly higher than average as Irish couples are expected to be overcome by Euro 2016 fever and get busy between the sheets.

A survey carried out by Three found that 15pc of people believe they will have more sex during the Euros and that the championship could spark a ‘baby boom’.

An overwhelming 93pc of those surveyed believe the championship will help raise Irish spirits, and 46pc believe that it will match Italia ’90 in the excitement stakes.

“It’s uplifting to see such enthusiasm, energy and positivity among the fans ahead of the Euros,” said Elaine Carey, Chief Commercial Officer for Three Ireland.

The research also revealed that Irish fans are particularly superstitious compared to other nations competing in the championship and will be bringing their lucky socks and jocks along to France.

Dr Eddie Murphy, clinical psychologist, said: “Football uniquely impacts on a nation’s mental health and emotional wellbeing- in a positive sense.

“Qualifying for a tournament like this is a genuine platform for lifting a nation’s mental health and emotional wellbeing,” he said.

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