Wednesday 25 April 2018

Dad blogger admits feeling 'jealous' of his two-year-old son in Facebook post

Photo: AfroDaddy/ Facebook
Photo: AfroDaddy/ Facebook

Olivia Petter

A dad blogger has been met with praise online after admitting to feeling "jealous" of the bond between his wife and their two-year-old son in an honest Facebook post.

Terence Mentor, whose Facebook page AfroDaddy has more than 2,000 followers, uploaded a photograph of himself with his youngest son Eli.

In the caption, the father of two explained that he felt disheartened that ever since his son was born, he was “totally his mother’s child,” admitting that it was “childish” of him to feel envious.

“It is quite a thing to be a dad who can't comfort his child, who is constantly told "No, I go to mommy", who never seems to have a real, relational moment with his own son,” Mentor wrote.

However, the South African blogger explained that things have started to change and that Eli was now occasionally choosing to go to him over his mother.

“Maybe this shouldn't have made me as happy as it did,” he admitted.

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Posted by AfroDaddy on Monday, September 4, 2017

The blogger recounted an evening when his son had fallen asleep on his wife’s chest, only to get up later and cuddle him.

“This child, who would cry when I so much as looked his way, came to me for his comfort and calm. Not going to lie ... I got a little teary eyed,” Mentor confessed.

Fans of the blogger were quick to jump to his support, explaining that they had experienced similar feelings of jealousy over the bond between their children and their partners.

“I can so relate, my 14 year old teenager has also always been her Daddy's girl,” wrote one.

“Even as a single mom i get this!! My youngest mostly turns to her sister for comfort,” added another.

Jealousy over your own child is a taboo subject but there are countless people who've shared similar opinions and feelings online.

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