Thursday 26 April 2018

Dog gets so jealous of new baby she blows off steam at 21st party in Irish nightclub

Bella the collie who fled home last night and partied in a local nightclub
Picc: Paul Mealey
Bella the collie who fled home last night and partied in a local nightclub Picc: Paul Mealey
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

An Irish dog made sure her owner had a scary Halloween after disappearing from home and venturing almost three miles to the local nightclub.

Bella, a collie from Co. Mayo, got spooked by festive fireworks last night and disappeared without a trace from her garden.

Bella’s owner Paul O’Brien became worried when she didn’t turn up for a few hours and began to drive around in search his missing pooch.

“I left Bella outside to do her constitution and she must have gotten a bit frightened by the fireworks because when I went out for her she wasn’t there,” Paul said.

Bella pictured with her owner Paul O'Brien
Bella pictured with her owner Paul O'Brien

“I left it an hour and checked again but I became very worried as she never really ventures further than a few metres out of the garden.

“I began to drive around and was looking for her in hedges. I worried she had been hit by a car.”

Paul reluctantly went to bed and continued his search for the beloved pet the following morning in Westport.

“We live about two miles outside Westport and to drive into town you have to go down the busy Westport to Castlebar Road.

“I thought the chances were slim of finding the dog here but I spotted one of my friends coming off a night shift in the local hotel and he said that he actually had seen a dog last night,” said Paul.

As it turned out Bella wandered into a 21st birthday party in Westport’s C2 nightclub in the Castlecourt Hotel where she was petted by Mayo socialites until hotel staff removed her.

“He said a black and white dog with a blue collar had ended up in the night club last night and people were petting her and taking pictures with her,” said Paul.

After her adventurous night, Bella’s relieved owner drove to the local vet to collect the dog, who had kindly been dropped there by hotel staff.

“They took such great care of Bella and had her fed and watered. She is micro-chipped but it actually didn’t even come to that,” he said.

Paul reckons that is wasn’t just Halloween fireworks that had Bella spooked as the family just welcomed baby Kia to the family last month.

“We just welcomed a little baby last month and the theory here is that Bella’s stunt all comes down to a bit of jealousy between her and baby Kia,” Paul joked.

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