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a junior infant's advice to those starting school

Do you like school?


How much?

Fifteen thousand percent

What do you like doing in school?

Art and going to the library and the gym

And what about learning?

I love learning tinwhistle

And what else have you learned to do this year in school?

I dunno

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And how did you learn to read?

I sounded words out

Was it hard?


Do you like school or playschool best?



Because I didn't really like playing around all day in playschool!

Why not?

Because I love all the lessons

What's the best thing about school?


Do you like school holidays?

No, I wish I could go to school every day except on the weekends, no, even on the weekends

Have you any advice for boys or girls starting school in September?

Don't be afraid of the teacher they're very very nice, soon you'll get used to them. I wasn't scared of them when I was there. You have to wear the same uniform like everyone else but that's OK

Any other advice?

You must walk quietly down the corridor with your hand on your head and your finger on your lips. You can't run or skip in the corridor. You're only allowed talk if you're delivering something. School is great fun too

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