Saturday 18 November 2017

Promotion: Nothing like family time

You’re stuffed in the back of the car after a long journey back from the seaside; Mum and Dad are tired after a long day carrying around bags, towels and sun hats.

Your brother’s trying to annoy you by flicking your ear and your sister is long since asleep drooling on your shoulder.

Hardly the best way to round off a family day out but then you know things are about to change for the better once you spot the Golden Arches in the distance and realise that a family visit to McDonald’s is on the cards.

Suddenly all the hassles of the journey seems to disappear and a smile crosses your face as your mind races as to what you’re going to choose once inside. It’s dinner time, it’s a fun time, it’s family time.

That’s the thing about every McDonald’s restaurant; the atmosphere is always friendly with our welcoming staff doing their best to ensure that your visit is memorable each time you visit.

It’s a place you can relax and have fun with your friends and family, mess around with the toys you find in your Happy Meal and watch your parents ease back while enjoying one of our specially brewed coffees.

McDonald’s understands families and it adds on the extra touches that make the difference. We’ve always been a favourite destination for birthday parties with coloured balloons laid on to fill your special area with colour, magic tricks aplenty and a whole host of other surprises.

A trip to McDonald’s is a special trip to be shared by families together, an experience that can be repeated time and again.

There are loads of busy restaurants in Ireland promoting themselves as family friendly, accessible to everyone and welcoming at all times.

Claims are easy to make of course, but the fact that over 150,000 people choose to head to a McDonald’s every day speaks volumes.

We know that the taste buds of kids and parents alike differ wildly so we are always adapting and improving our menus to suit the crowd.

We introduce special meals and offers to spice things up a bit and we want to make sure that your next visit to McDonald’s will not be the same as your last.

That’s why when parents ask their kids where they want to go to eat the answer is invariably McDonald’s. It’s a great position for us to be in but its not one that we take for granted.

Family time is precious these days with family members all being pulled in different directions. That means that family time spent in McDonald’s has to count and we always try to make sure that it does.

So what about that happy feeling you have when you’ve been to McDonald’s? Just the smile on your brothers face after he’s polished off a box of McNuggets or your Dad’s guilty wink as he devours a McFlurry he promised he’d stay away from.

That’s a feeling that will stay with you whether you’re a kid or a parent with children of your own.

We’ve been making family time a special time for all our Irish customers since we first opened here in 1977 and we’re not stopping any time soon. We provide the food and the buzz that families love, but without the families themselves all that would count for nothing.

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