Monday 23 October 2017

Elaine Verdon and Daisy

Elaine and Daisy
Elaine and Daisy

"Daisy was found wandering in the Rathdown area three-and-half years ago. She was picked up by the warden and ended up in Dunboyne Pound. She had a microchip but when the pound contacted her owner, they refused to pay the fine to come and get her back. Daisy is registered to the Irish Kennel Club, a full breed and agility-trained.

I follow a lot of animal charities on Facebook, and I was doing my usual trawl when I saw her, all long legs and big sad eyes. She was gorgeous; we had to have her.

At first everything was fine and our dogs Sandy and Shrek accepted her, but that changed. Sandy and Daisy started fighting, badly. I paid for a dog psychologist to come to the house and observe behaviour. It escalated, to the point that they couldn't be in the same room.

The dogs were living with my parents, so my partner Simon suggested Daisy come and live with us. I was sceptical - why would I take her from her acre-sized garden in Sutton to live in a three-bed duplex? But we did, and she loves it. As a couple, it changed our relationship. Suddenly we were responsible for something other than ourselves.

In my mind, I've created a tone of voice and personality for her. If I had to give a pop culture reference, she is Regina George of Mean Girls - beautiful and bitchy. She even has her own instagram @Daizy_Daze. I'm like an obsessive parent.

I would never buy a dog. Rescues are so sweet, they look at you like their savior. Daisy has issues; she's terrified of feet. If you move them unexpectedly beside her, she bolts up growling. Somewhere along the way, someone obviously mistreated her.

But you learn to deal with these things. My advice to anyone who is thinking of buying a dog, pop up to the pound or local rescue centre and see all the beautiful animals, who have been tossed aside, and save one."

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