Monday 21 May 2018

Eating out: 4 to try - healthy food delivery services

FitFood Ireland delivers frozen healthy food in the Dublin area.
FitFood Ireland delivers frozen healthy food in the Dublin area.
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Katy McGuinness

Home delivered food doesn't have to be the unhealthy variety - here are four healthy options.

Instead of going on a strict diet, the advice these days is to cut down on processed food and increase the amount of wholefoods in your diet. The Whole 30 aims to get us cooking wholefoods from scratch and developing good habits that will last beyond 30 days.


Rather than setting unrealistic targets that will make life a misery, many nutritionists recommend eating strictly by the rules 80pc of the time, and  doing your best for the remaining 20pc.


Billed as the smartest way to cook a healthy dinner, the theory behind DropChef is that it's not the cooking that's a problem when it comes to eating healthily, but the planning and shopping. And that the reason people find it hard to lose weight when they think they're eating well is that their portions are too big. So DropChef delivers a recipe and the exact ingredients to make the correct portion size, with all the nutritional information to back it up. The packaging is smart and dinner works out at around €7.95pp on the most popular meal plan.


The brains behind paleo delivery service FitFood Ireland is Dublin GAA player Philly McMahon - a good advertisement for eating healthily. With menus tailored towards busy singles, healthy couples, and new mothers, the service offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as sweet treats to beat sugar cravings. Meals are delivered frozen and the service is available in the Dublin area only. Sample pack €20.


Oliver McCabe's Select Stores in Dalkey is the go-to health food store in SoCoDu, frequented by local celebrities and all the beautiful people. A three-day menu plan costs €65 and provides breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two snacks. The meals are based on food-combining and provide a balance of essential fats, complex carbohydrates, protein and dietary fibre to support brain function and energy production. The meals are designed to take the stress out of eating healthily, and will kick start a better eating plan. Delivery is available at an extra charge.

Gasta Good 'n' Healthy

Limerick-based Gasta Good 'n' Healthy delivers juice detoxes and meal plans nationwide. Choose between a paleo-based fat-loss plan and a performance plan. Plans start from €37.50 for five work-day lunches or dinners. The only meal plan recommended by the McKennas' Irish Food Guide.


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