Monday 28 May 2018

Dublin 4 Delights

As Emily Hourican writes on the reinvention of Dublin 4 (see Page 10), Pat Fitzpatrick looks at our favourite places and people in the postcode



Where would we be without RTE? Watching the BBC for free, says you, imagining how you'd spend the money saved on the licence fee. Be careful what you wish for. We know one thing about people who think life would be fine without RTE. They never watched The Seven O'Clock Show on TV3. That's unfair. The Seven O'Clock Show is the answer to all your questions. Provided all your questions are, 'Name one thing in the whole world that could make me watch Emmerdale'.



Lansdowne Road, says you, dripping in nostalgia. What will they call it if Aviva ever decide to stop its sponsorship? Maybe it's time to forget big corporations and give credit to the small people working behind the scenes who turned it into a reality. Let's call it Sepp Blatter Park. Seriously though, it's important to recognise everybody who had a hand in paying for the stadium. We'll need a Thierry Henry Stand so, says you, a fierce man for the old word-play.



The Horse Show is an example of Ireland's timeless love affair with our equine friends. Oh, so it's OK for a nation to proclaim its loves for a horse, says you, still cringing after the tabloids got their hands on those letters you sent to Rock of Gibraltar. Leinster rugby is the latest attraction at the RDS. Some say you'll only find obnoxious snobs at the RDS for home games. "Wrong", brays posh Hugo to his mates very loudly, "someone has to pick up rubbish and check the tickets."





You'll find his name on a few plaques around Dublin 4. They all say, 'There is no way he could afford to live here now. Not even with a grant from

Aosdana.' Kavanagh is commemorated by a statue on a bench overlooking the Grand Canal at Baggot Street Bridge. He used to sit there for inspiration. The results were some of his lesser well known works, like What's that Fecking Smell? and Topless Scumbags Fishing for Shopping Trolleys.

A D4 Liberal would do absolutely anything to help someone from a poorer part of Dublin. Except maybe live next to them. Or hire them if the Polish cleaning lady was a euro an hour cheaper. All jokes aside, it's fair to say we owe the D4 liberals a huge debt in this country. If it wasn't for them, we'd still all be stuck with our first wife, trying to explain the downside of the withdrawal method to one of our 23 children.

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