Friday 22 November 2019

Driven by a mini to finally tell the truth

My daughter is a very gentle soul. I had to teach littler her to be tough at times. But she is by nature kind and never says mean things unless she's joking. At least I think they're jokes. When she was small, and not so small and sensed I was upset, she lived sometimes with a woman and her black dog, and she'd come up behind me and give me a wordless hug. You can hide a lot of things from a lot of people, but rarely your children, no matter what efforts you make.

Now that she's a teenager, the hugs are rarer but she remains a gentle soul. If I lament that I'm looking my age, or wrecked tired and not fishing but merely stating a fact, she will disagree and reassure me that this is not the case. It's a sweetness that I appreciate.

A few dress sizes down this year, I have not gone mad shopping for new clothes but have instead been enjoying that rather particular pleasure of revisiting old ones. Always convinced I wouldn't be a heifer forever, I kept a lot of things that used to fit and bought others in various attacks of "will fit one day". Now I can try them on and I discover that some suit, some don't. Just because it goes on now doesn't mean it should go on now, the ass might have shrunk but time didn't stop so local charity shops have been doing well.

In one of my box trawls I found a suede mini skirt that I bought in my 20s. It isn't old, it's vintage. And in a burst of optimism I tried it on. It fit. Miracles do happen. I got back into my trackie but, flush from this victory of hip shrinkage, I wondered if I could get away with wearing it. I was thinking, maybe, with a long top, nine million denier tights, boots ... I had myself pretty much convinced that it would be cool rather than tragic.

Mid mini reverie, it became time to pick the gentle Girlchilld up from the bus. How was your day? Fine, how was yours? Fine. "Do you think I'm too old to wear a miniskirt?" The teenager who is always so gentle, so mindful of my feelings, answered in a flash, "YES! Why would you even think such a thing?"

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