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Confession box: Clementine MacNeice on styling Kian Egan


Clementine MacNeice

Clementine MacNeice

Clementine MacNeice

The stylist recalls styling former Westlife singer Kian Egan and also admits to a liking for Phil Collins.

What uncool song do secretly you love?

Phil Collins' Easy Lover. Who doesn't secretly love a bit of Phil?

What childhood memory makes you cringe?

I recently found a pile of Valentine's Day cards from my 'boyfriend' in primary school. They were pretty emotional to say the least. I can only imagine what I sent to him!

Your most embarrassing fashion moment?

When I was 11, I went through a very brief sporty phase. I would only wear my Adidas tear-away tracksuit pants and a Gap hoodie. I used to drive my mother crazy.

What's your most annoying habit?

I misplace things, like my phone and my keys, all the time. Then when I get my friends to help me look, I usually have it in my hand or my handbag…

Your biggest 'pinch me' moment?

Styling Kian Egan. I used to be obsessed with Westlife and he was hands down my favourite member. When I got the job, I thought: "Imagine if I could tell teenage me this would happen 10 years down the line!"

■ As told to Hannah-Louise Dunne

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