Monday 19 August 2019

WATCH: Well-known Irish faces share their favourite Christmas traditions and memories

Jason Kennedy

We caught up with some of Ireland's well known faces to find out their favourite Christmas traditions and memories.

Tommy Bowe

"My Christmas  tradition would be jumping into a lake back home in Monaghan or Christmas jumpers is one we've been doing the last couple of years.

It's just a great time of year. Family and friends always seem to come back home from wherever they are all over the world."

Tommy was speaking as ambassador of Coca Cola's Designated driver campaign.


Al Porter

"My favourite Christmas memory is probably the time my Da had too much to drink and tried to put me on top of the tree.

He said the tree needed a fairy but I think I was a star."

Al is starring in the Olympia Panto 'The Ugly Sisters & Yer Wan', running until January 8th


Tara Flynn

"My Mum always used to set an extra place at the table. There was always this idea that if someone dropped in there was a place set for them.

I'm sure there's an old or religious tradition that goes along with that, but we just want with just in case someone drops in and I used to like that."

Tara's books 'You're Grand' and 'Giving out Yards' are available online. Interview filmed in Arthur Mayne's pub, Donnybrook.


Brendan O'Carroll

"My favourite Christmas memory is the 22nd December 1971. I was broke and out of work. I had done a bit of casual work and I had forgotten I had done the bit of casual work.

Just on that day, the postman arrived with a cheque from the tax office for £22. They're not getting it back. They can feck off."


Joe Duffy

"As a child, I used to be brought into town to see Gay Byrne on Grafton Street, believe it or not/ That tradition has been going on for years and years and it still continues today. I do it on Christmas Eve and it's thoroughly enjoyable.

A lot of the same people turn up and then they turn up with their children. It's generations that have come in to Grafton Street. It's all about Dublin City Centre. There's a fantastic atmosphere around. A fantastic buzz."

Liveline is on Monday to Friday from 1.45 to 3pm.


Alison Spittle

"It used to me Mass. Ma kept trying. Eventually, all the family have become agnostic so that's gone.

I suppose, because my parents are separated, that the tradition would be making the logistical decision in September which country to go to for Christmas.

That's my tradition. It's very modern.

Alison will perform her comedy show 'Alison Spittle discovers Hawaii' in Whelan's on January 22nd


Jack Chambers

"My Granny passed away in the autumn and shes someone I would have seen every Christmas when the family comes together. It's a sad moment that she's not with my family this year.

She was from Mayo and she's lived there all her life. In my childhood, we'd have gone down west for a number of Christmases to see her.

It was a tradition. Still, as a family, we come together, but, unfortunately, without her this year."

Jack is a Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin West.


Dustin the Turkey

"My favourite Christmas memory would have to be when Ray D'Arcy left The Den.

Overall my favourite Christmas memory is Stephen's Day every year It's just the vibe of it. Being able to wake up and go 'phew'."

Dustin is starring in the Olympia Panto 'The Ugly Sisters & Yer Wan', running until January 8th

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