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'Thank you for the cookies, cake and mince pies' Santa has message for the boys and girls of Ireland

It's all over for another year!

Santa has just landed back to the North Pole and can now put his feet up for another year.

Just before the big man goes to sleep, he sent Independent.ie the above video to boys and girls in Ireland.

He hopes that every child on his world-famous nice list is happy with the toys they got and will now settle down for a happy Christmas with their families.

"Well it's the big day and I hope everything turned out alright for you and you got everything that you wanted," he said.

"I've been all over the world with the trip, delivering to all the good children, but now it's over and at this stage, I can just sit back and put my feet up, as Mrs Claus comes in with a nice little snack and a little drop of whiskey."

He also said a special thank you to everyone who left food out for him and his flying reindeer.

"Thanks you for all the chocolate chip cookies, because you know how much I love chocolate chip cookies," he said.

"Thank you and also for the mince pies and the slice of christmas cake."

Santa spoke to us from Arnotts in Dublin before he made his overnight stop to every country around the world.

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