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Santa tracker: How to follow Father Christmas’ journey around the world


Santa gave a big thumbs up before he kickstarted his journey today

Santa gave a big thumbs up before he kickstarted his journey today

Santa gave a big thumbs up before he kickstarted his journey today

Father Christmas has started his journey delivering presents around the world - and as always, you can track his moves using the NORAD Santa Tracker.

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defence Command, will be following his massive 510,000,000km journey, with the festive figurehead's GPS location viewable the whole way.

Here’s how you can follow Father Christmas' journey:

How to track Santa Claus:

The NORAD tracker is the most popular way to see Santa Claus’ trip. Each year more than nine million people visit the website to see his whereabouts, and the site has plenty to keep eager children amused until his journey begins.

US organisation NORAD monitors aerospace in event of nuclear attack for the rest of the year but becomes a festive wonderland during the Christmas period - their tracker can be accessed here.

Alternatively, Google’s Santa Tracker will also help you keep an eye on Father Christmas, and until his journey begins the site has lots of fun games to keep the festive spirit alive.

What route will Father Christmas take?

Santa’s journey will begin from the North Pole just before 11am GMT, although of course he won’t reach the UK until midnight.

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His trip will be a busy one, as he’ll visit 390,000 homes per minute - or 6,424 per second.

He’ll start in the South Pacific, with his first stop to the Republic of Kiribati, before heading to New Zealand and then Australia. The UK will be further down the list in Europe, after he’s been to Asia and Africa.

After delivering to the good boys and girls of Great Britain, he’ll fly over to Canada, the USA, Central and South America.

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