Friday 17 November 2017

Recipes: Nothing says Happy Christmas like a homemade gift, writes Lilly Higgins

Lily Higgins

Christmas is the season for giving food gifts. There's no-thing I like more than being handed a box of homemade Turkish Delight or hand-rolled chocolate truffles.

These foodie delights are the perfect solution when you've given your brother-in-law socks for the past eight Christmases -- now is the time to give him a jar of amaretti to have with his morning coffee.

Even though all of these suggestions are on the luxurious, rather than practical, side, they do become necessary around the holidays.

Last year, I found myself in a panic when there was no rum butter left. Admittedly, it was just to put on my toasted panettone for breakfast, but still I can't help but think that the season will be much improved having a jar of that boozy butter in the fridge.

I have become addicted to baking panettone lately. Not only do you get a spectacular loaf of rich cakey bread, but also the smell of rising yeast dough is the ultimate in comfort when a gale is howling outside.

This is an extremely versatile recipe -- the ultimate combination is chocolate, cranberry and macadamia, as I have used here, but dark chocolate and orange zest or raisins soaked in rum with candied citrus peel are also both beautiful.

The hardest thing will be to give these treats away!

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