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Race is on for a fashion cracker

FASHIONISTAS are being advised to wrap up warmly, wear sensible shoes and make the most of their accessories for racing season over Christmas this year.

Irish designer Heidi Higgins is one of the judges for the Best Dressed Ladies competition as part of the famous Lexus Chase Ladies Day at Leopardstown Christmas Festival 2012.

Higgins, who is a past Best Dressed winner herself, has given this year's punters some sartorial advice ahead of the big day.

"I had dressed some ladies going on the day, but never thought about it for myself, so when I won I was completely overwhelmed," she told the Irish Independent.

"A racing meet is always a fantastic day out. There are very few days like that anymore where you can go all out, so it's always extra special for women.

"I'll definitely be looking for someone who is appropriately dressed for winter and looks cosy and comfortable," she said.

The 27-year-old, who will take on judging duties with up-and-coming milliner Mark T Burke on the day, added: "Coats are obviously essential, you have to be suitable for the weather on the day.

"The winner will need to stand out in a nice eye-catching colour, with some interesting details in their outfit.

"But colour is a really big thing, as my style is quite classic in shape, but colourful.

"In terms of detail, we'll be looking for something to bring out different elements, like a bow on a glove, or cute accessories, that's all important."

The Portlaoise-based couturier sells in several boutiques around the country and is also stocked in Brown Thomas in Dublin.

Irish Independent