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Light up your visit -- Five great things to do

1 Catch Tromso's cable car to Mount Storsteinen to enjoy the romantic views over "the Gateway to the Arctic". Have coffee and waffles at the summit. (visittromso.no; €13)

2Visit Rudolph and co at the Gabba reindeer park in Kirkenes. Wonderfully docile, they love their lichen moss. You'll soon have them eating out of your palm. (Free to Snowhotel guests)

3Leapfrog your Hurtigruten ship by snowmobiling across the valleys of Lapland (€263). More traditional nomads should pop on their snow-shoes for a Sami trek in Kirkenes (€95).

4Cross the 71st Parallel to the North Cape, the most northerly point on the continent, where only Svalbard separates you from the North Pole (€99).

5 Join the Sami chiefs for a traditional joik singing session in Kirkenes. Think tepees and log fires. Audience participation is welcome so the joik may just be on you. (Free to Snowhotel guests)

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