Monday 16 December 2019

'Frozen' buying frenzy sweeps across the country as Christmas nears

Elsa from Frozen - toys based on the Disney hit are set to be big sellers this Christmas
Elsa from Frozen - toys based on the Disney hit are set to be big sellers this Christmas

Sarah Stack

Disney favourite Frozen is turning in to a nightmare for parents desperate to get their hands on its top characters for Christmas.

While the magical story of the royal sisters Elsa and Anna has mystified children, moms and dads are scrambling for dolls which appear to be sold out or in limited supply nationwide.

Some have resorted to going online to get their hands on the all singing and sparkling Snow Glow Else so their children won't be left out in the cold on Christmas morning. However, this means parents are gambling with the possibility of the doll not arriving from the UK in time.

Meanwhile “a few hundred” will be available at The Christmas show in the RDS, which runs for nine days from Saturday.

The Disney Store said the popularity of Disney’s Frozen has been phenomenal since its launch last December. The movie has become the biggest animated film worldwide and fifth biggest film of all time - earning £40m at the UK Box Office alone.

“We do everything we can to meet the demands of parents and children seeking our top selling merchandise including the Elsa and Anna singing dolls,” said a spokeswoman.

“Stock is being replenished in Disney Store on a regular basis, however demand continues to be incredibly high.”

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Merchandise is also boosting profits, with dolls and costumes of its main characters – sisters Elsa and Anna and Olaf the snowman – and other branded products selling out, including the Snow Glow doll which is priced between €45 and €50.

One of Ireland’s biggest retailers, Smyths Toys, said Frozen toys are certainly proving extremely popular this Christmas – and admitted stock was limited on some of the most popular presents.

“Stocks on some items are limited but we still have a great range of Frozen products in stock,” said a spokesman.

“We'd encourage parents to buy early or keep an eye on where they can buy online or check stock levels in their local store.”

Princes Snow Glow Elsa reflects the obsession with the movie Frozen
Princes Snow Glow Elsa reflects the obsession with the movie Frozen
Elsa from Disney's Frozen

However Patrick O’Sullivan, from the Christmas Toy Show, has some hope for those who want to make their little girl’s dream come true on Christmas morning.

“Anything to do with Frozen is very popular, but certainly the Snow Glow Elsa is the one that is in short supply,” he said.

“For that reason it has created some hype and now everyone seems to want it because they can’t get it anywhere.

“We will have a limited quantity of them at the show, which will be released over the week.

“But it definitely seems to be the number one toy for Christmas and demand obviously heightened because of its scarcity.”

Mr O’Sullivan revealed it seems to be easier to shop for little boys this Christmas, with the Nerf blaster and Lego proving popular.

“Frozen was only released last Christmas and it turned out to be a much bigger success than anyone anticipated and the merchandising off the back that has been phenomenal,” he added.

“It’s the couple of songs they have in it and the main song, Let it Go, has resonated with the under 10s. The whole tune, the whole thing, they’ve just really taken to it.”

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Economists have already said that retailers are hoping for a busy Christmas after new figures showed sales are up almost 6pc this year.

It’s not just the merchandise is rolling off the shelves. Tickets are being snapped up for the Disney on Ice Magical Ice Festival show, which promises to feature Elsa and Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven.

The show, in City West next April, will also include characters from The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Tangled and Beauty and the Beast.

:: Dublin Disney Store's is supporting Children in Hospital Ireland (CHI) in its 'Share The Magic' charity campaign. For ever letter posted to Santa at Dublin’s Grafton Street Store, and online at, a soft toy will be donated to a child.

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