Tuesday 25 June 2019

Christmas Recipes: Chocolate Raspberry Trifle

On the tenth day of Christmas, Avonmore made for me Chocolate Raspberry Trifle...

We have teamed up with Avonmore to bring you twelve delicious recipes to get you in the mood for Christmas.


400g chocolate Swiss roll

60g raspberry jam

1 x 300g tin of raspberries in juice

60g brandy or sherry

600g custard

600ml Avonmore Freshly Whipped Cream


Slice the Swiss roll into 16 even slices. Spread eight of the slices with raspberry jam and sandwich together with the remaining slices. Arrange over the base and up the sides of a large glass serving bowl.

Sprinkle in the raspberries and drizzle over the juice from the tin and the brandy. Spoon in the custard and spread evenly. Top with the Avonmore Freshly Whipped Cream.

Cover the bowl with clingfilm and refrigerate until needed. Top with flaked almonds and grated chocolate to serve.

To serve:

Flaked almonds

Dark chocolate, grated

Avonmore - the Cream that makes Christmas.


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