Tuesday 20 November 2018

Chill out! Triona McCarthy on how to protect your locks

Hair protection: Triona McCarthy's got you covered. Photo: David Conachy
Hair protection: Triona McCarthy's got you covered. Photo: David Conachy
Rosie for Autograph Lipshine in pink
APC Post-Poo Drops
Aussie Winter Miracle Shampoo
Aussie Winter Miracle Conditioner
Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum
Former Miss World Mireia Lalaguna

Triona McCarthy

Are you having a bad-hair season and you're tired of looking like Trump? Our beauty buff has rounded up the best hair products to soothe and protect your locks

Triona's trends

Aussie Winter Miracle Shampoo

Sing it with me, sisters . . . Wintertiiiiiiiime, and the livin' ain't easy! Seriously, when it's sunny out, we're wrecking our heads with the rays, and in winter, it's just as bad!

Time to chill out, though, as I know exactly what to do! First things first: you've got to stay cool and turn down the temperature in the shower when you're washing your hair, as you're basically washing your hair's protective oils down the drain.

Next, it's essential to invest in a moisturising shampoo and conditioner to add more moisture to the hair. Try Aussie Winter Miracle Shampoo, above, and Aussie Winter Miracle Conditioner, below, both €5.49. They're the perfect purse-friendly everyday duo for winter-proof care and sensational shine. They both contain extracts of ginseng and pearl powder, which will restore shine and shimmer to your tresses and help in the fight against dullness.

Pantene's new Pro V Air-Light Foam Conditioner, €3, is the biz altogether, especially if you have fine hair, which hates any type of heavy conditioner. This lovely light foam works like magic to perk up your tresses.

Finally, get set for the day, all day, with Silvikrin Hairspray, developed by the hair experts at Wella, Europe's number-one salon brand - I'm holding a can of it in my photo, above. Silvikrin delivers reliable, long-lasting hold, while keeping your style flexible. The non-sticky formula prevents the hair from drying out, and when you're ready to change your style, simply brush out the hairspray and start again. Try Wella Silvikrin Firm Hold Hairspray, €3.29, which offers strong, long-lasting hold for any style.

Aussie Winter Miracle Conditioner

Triona's trick

Right so, we have to talk about how much we love Anne Doyle. Recently, I was at a lunch at which she was MC, and I asked her what her best beauty tip was. She replied, "I raise my eyebrows like I've had Botox, which is a tip you wrote, Triona!"

I'd forgotten, but I love that Anne checks out Triona's Tricks and remembers them!

Stuff your face

Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum

"Skincare is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure." I fully agree with this quote by Karen Grant, a senior beauty-industry analyst.

Instant-fix formulas just don't work, so I've gone back to Elizabeth Arden's best-selling, award-winning Ceramide Capsules. They have been given a 2017 makeover, with a fantastic new formula that claims to deliver triple the anti-ageing power. A combo of new ingredients and higher levels of existing ingredients help replenish essential, naturally-occurring lipids and support skin's natural renewal process for a visibly firmer, smoother, healthy appearance.

I pop one of the Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, above, from €48, on my skin at night, and I am thrilled with the results. I hate a heavy night cream, even though my skin is quite dry at the mo, but these capsules make my skin feel silky-smooth and nourished when I wake up.

Mole mountain

Former Miss World Mireia Lalaguna

So I had a funny little clear-mole-type thingy on my forehead for a while. Now and then, a little friend came to join it and hang out, and I really wasn't that bothered about it, but Will was!

He said it's because I'd just be perfect if they weren't there - the charmer - and I suppose he's looking down on the top of my head, as he's taller, so he noticed them more than me. So off I went in search of someone to remove theses dudes, and after a lot of research, I decided on Dr Natalia Bratu from the Refine Clinic.

She used a CryoPen, a state-of-the-art technology treatment that uses extreme cold, to safely and painlessly destroy the moles. And just like that, my moles were gone, and yes, I am now perfect, just like the former Miss World Mireia Lalaguna, right!

Refine Clinic, 34 Fitzwilliam St Upr, D2, tel: (087) 164-7942 or see refine clinic.ie

Triona's most wanted

APC Post-Poo Drops

My name is Triona and I am hopelessly devoted to Aesop. I can't get enough of the stuff! This love affair has been going on for years, and now the brand is stocked by Makers & Brothers, see makersandbrothers.com. When this online store had their pop-up shop on Dawson St a few weeks ago, I paid the Aesop display a visit every time I was in town. I was actually a bit embarrassed about how much I was in there, Instagramming and Snapchatting my way round the wall of gorgeous goodies. I'm sure the staff noticed me putting the 'ass' into embarrass!

Speaking of embarrassing moments involving, em, your favourite ass, Aesop's do this quirky product for poo. It's called APC Post-Poo Drops, €25, see makersandbrothers.ie, and it was a laugh saver over Christmas! Yes, I said laugh, as nearly everyone that used our loo had a right good laugh at the innocuous-looking bottle of bathroom deodoriser.

There's no chemical-induced coughing and spluttering as with regular air-freshener sprays - when you're entertaining, this delightful citrusy-y blend of tangerine and mandarin peel extracts, alongside ylang ylang, neutralises bad odours and leaves things smelling 'so fresh and so clean' for the next, eh, party pooper!

Post-flush, simply pop a drop into the toilet bowl, to quickly kill off wicked whiffs.

So if you haven't tried Aesop already, it's my top pick for products for the skin, hair, body and bum! You're welcome!

Cult product

Rosie for Autograph Lipshine in pink

Isn't the Rosie for Autograph range at M&S only fabilis? Not only is it January-purse-friendly, all the products are hypoallergenic, vegetarian-friendly, and are free from fragrance, parabens and alcohol. My latest purchase is a Lipshine, above, €19, in Pink. The rich formulation nourishes my lips, and gives a gloss finish, with the colour effect of a lipstick.

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