Monday 26 February 2018

Cheek of it - Triona McCarthy adds a little blusher

Blushing beauty: Triona McCarthy. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Blushing beauty: Triona McCarthy. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Karen Walker's new trio of fragrances .
Blank Canvas F04 Angled Blush Contour Face Brush
Grandiose Extreme from Lancome.
Victoria Beckham.
L'Oreal French Girl Hair by Tecni.Art French Froisse.
L'Oreal French Girl Hair by Tecni.Art Messy Cliche.
Charlotte Tilbury's Cheek to Cheek First Love powder blusher.

Triona McCarthy

When life gives you lemons, says our rose-cheeked beauty columnist, cheer yourself up with a new blusher.

Triona's trends

Regular readers will remember how much I used to bang on about Nars blush in Orgasm. I went on and on about it, and then, in the last two years, I felt it just didn't suit me anymore. I'm not trying to be dramatic, but everything changed after I hit 40 and had two babies.

I was knackered, and my go-to blush made me look like Ronald McDonald! The powder just went spludgy on my cheeks and when I stopped smiling, it seemed to look far too low on my face.

Blusher had always been my go-to thing to perk me up, and so I'd look in the mirror and wonder how I looked like my older sister. I don't have an older sister, btw. I just looked like an older versh of myself.

So, I had to figure it out. The first thing I did was get a new brush. The Blank Canvas F04 Angled Blush Contour Face Brush, €14.99, came highly recommended, and it really has made all the difference.

The Rimmel Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kit, €11.99, is a great pocket-friendly find and comes complete with instructions, so it's goof-proof. I'm wearing it in my photo, above.

Charlotte Tilbury's Cheek to Cheek First Love powder blusher, below, €39, contains two shades - a lighter one to swish along the cheekbones, and a brighter one to add a pop of colour to the apples of your cheeks. This works well on me too.

I think, because of old age, my cheeks have slipped down my face, but with the new brush, I do a C shape from my eyebrow to the middle of my ear, and that seems to work now.

Charlotte Tilbury's Cheek to Cheek First Love powder blusher.

Triona's trick

Not sure if you have a tidemark round your jaw? Look in the mirror and do the most exaggerated, comedy-like double chin you can, by pulling your face down. You'll easily see if your foundation isn't blended properly. Anyone watching will think you're completely bonkers, but you won't mind, as your make-up will be meticulous!

Give it a lash

Grandiose Extreme from Lancome.

I've been in The Love with the Grandiose mascara, €31, by Lancome, since its launch. Recently, it was time I restocked, but this time, I decided to try out the new versh, Grandiose Extreme, above, also €31. I reckon this is going to be more than a summer romance.

It's very good-looking with its matte-black packaging, perfect for showing off. Just like the original, the wand has a swan-like neck, but the bristles on the brush are more tightly knit, so it gives the most amazing false-lash effect with only one sweep of the brush.

I think I'm only gorgeous with this on. It's like getting a new uplifting bra - it definitely perks my peepers up.

My top tip is this: no matter how close you are to your gay best friend, sharing mascara is the biggest no-no.

A mascara wand is a breeding ground for bacteria, so sharing isn't caring.

Feet first

Ugh! I have the worst feet in the world. I do. A Margaret Dabbs treatment at this time of year is a must for my pig's trotters. Margaret tends to the toes of celebrities such as Calvin Klein, Queen Elizabeth and Victoria Beckham, below.

Victoria Beckham.

I also use her home range, especially the Foot and Hygiene Cream, €26, an amazing product that contains natural anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities as well as benzoic and salicylic acid to treat many common foot ailments. It's the go-to product for many celebs.

For stockists, tel: (01) 216-6693, or try Edvard & Pink in Dundrum.

Triona's most wanted

L'Oreal French Girl Hair by Tecni.Art Messy Cliche.

I don't tend to do a lot with my hair. I get a blow-dry at the beginning of the week for work and then dry shampoo the sh*te out of it until the weekend, when I wash it myself and let it dry naturally. But it never really looks that good then - it looks like a cashmere jumper that I machine-washed instead of dry-cleaned!

So I'm always searching for a product to give me that effortlessly chic look - like ze French ladies. I'm a bit obsessed with French style, and it seems I'm not the only one! I recently read how Pinterest reported a 20pc increase in Pins for 'French Style'.

Then these two new L'Oreal Professionnel products, inspired by the 'laissez-faire chic' approach to French style, landed on my desk. L'Oreal French Girl Hair by Tecni.Art Messy Cliche, above, €17.99, is an ultra-fine misting spray. I spritz it on my hair when it's wet, then I blow-dry it, twisting sections as I go for an unstructured look. I also spritz some through my hair when it's dry, to scrunch it into a more textured shape.

L'Oreal French Girl Hair by Tecni.Art French Froisse, below, €17.99, is a cream for thicker hair, that, again, is used on wet hair. For a quick-chic do, plait sections of your hair, dry it with a hairdryer, then glide straightening irons over the outside of the braids. Untie the braids, and shake your hair out for lasting waves. Tres jolie!

L'Oreal French Girl Hair by Tecni.Art French Froisse.

Cult product

Karen Walker's new trio of fragrances .

A, B, C . . . I still mentally sing the alphabet to see which letter comes next! I know, I know! I thought of this as I tried designer Karen Walker's new trio of fragrances priced from €83, available exclusively from Harvey Nichols.

Developed with the oldest perfume house in the world, Charabot, in Grasse, France,they are as easy to suss out as, em, A, B, C!

A is very daytime; B, left, is a bit more night time; while C is seriously sexy. #learnyourabcs

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