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Bondings: Baby fever joins Gold Fever


Hypnotised by you: In the past year Katie-Jane Goldin and Barry Scallan got married, set up a business and are expecting a baby.

Hypnotised by you: In the past year Katie-Jane Goldin and Barry Scallan got married, set up a business and are expecting a baby.

Hypnotised by you: In the past year Katie-Jane Goldin and Barry Scallan got married, set up a business and are expecting a baby.

Katie-Jane Goldin and Barry Scallan find it comforting that their dads briefly met each other after they started dating, as both are now gone. Katie-Jane's dad was the famous hypnotist and behavioural psychologist, Paul Goldin, who died in 2008, and Barry was only 22 when his dad Frank passed away.

Katie-Jane and Barry met through mutual friends and started dating at 21. Ten years later, they're now married, are expecting their first baby, and have set up the Gold Fever hair extensions company. So what attracted them to each other? "I was quite shallow at 21, so I just thought Katie-Jane was really good-looking," Barry laughs. "When I got to know her, I saw how intelligent and lovely she is."

Looking back, the likeable pair admit they played it cool, initially. Barry jokes that his wife stalked him, while she calmly replies that she didn't, she merely let him know that she liked him. "I was hoping he would ask me on a date and eventually he did," she says. "We went on a few dates, and I then went to Australia for a year. We stayed in touch, but when I came back, I didn't think Barry was that interested."

"I just wasn't the kind of guy who was a woman chaser," Barry explains. "I'm laid-back and casual, so I wasn't putting the moves on her even though I was very attracted to her. Katie-Jane is so strong and resilient. We have been through a lot together over the past ten years, and she has this ability to always focus on the positive and come back stronger."

Katie-Jane, 31, is the youngest of her dad's six children. He had David, Joanna, Bobby, Sarah and famous actor, Ricky Paull Goldin, from two previous marriages and a relationship, and then Paul married Katie-Jane's mum, Helen. Helen is administrator of The Paul Goldin Clinics in Dun Laoghaire and China, which use behaviour modification techniques like hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to treat psychological and stress-related problems.

Considering she was banned from hypnotising classmates when she "locked" several classmates' hands shut aged nine, Katie-Jane was probably always going to follow in her dad's footsteps. After achieving a master's degree in neuro-linguistic programming, she worked alongside her dad in the clinic, and then took over after he passed away aged 78.

"His death was devastating as none of us expected it," she says. "Dad was so charismatic that everything just felt empty. I don't think you ever move on or get over it, you just learn how to deal with the change. Barry was amazing and so supportive at that time - he was really good to my mum, which meant an awful lot to me."

Barry, 32, is from Terenure, and his parents, Clodagh and the late Frank, were both secondary school teachers. He studied finance at DBS, and worked in a bank and in risk management for online gambling company, Betfair. He left last April to set up Gold Fever with Katie-Jane. They got married in Las Vegas, but didn't tell anyone, apart from their mothers and Barry's sister.

What made them have such a private wedding?

"Irish weddings are very family-orientated but we both have small family units and our fathers had died, so we decided it would just be the two of us," says Barry. "I planned the whole thing. We got a villa in the Mirage hotel, and booked the photographer, registrar and limo for the day. We found out shortly before we left that if you get married in Vegas, you are not legally married in Ireland, so we got married in the registry office the week before with our two mothers and my sister present, and then we went for a meal."

The Vegas wedding was quite casual, as they had their butler from the villa as a witness, the registrar conducted the ceremony in the hotel, and after they took pictures around Vegas, they relaxed at their private pool, and went out for dinner that evening. "We had a nice breakfast and lay by the pool before the ceremony," says Katie-Jane. "Everything was so chilled, and there was no stress. After the ceremony, we told our friends straight away by sending them a picture, and then went to Mexico and New York on honeymoon."

Once they came back, they jumped headlong into establishing their new company. Katie-Jane's older brother David is a pioneer of the hair extension industry, and while she had a previous hair extension brand in Ireland, she decided to move forward with the Gold Fever brand, in tandem with working at the clinic - Gold is actually the real family name. The recent launch campaign, shot in Rome with Georgia Salpa, Rosanna Davison and Stephen James, has attracted lots of attention. They're in the process of rolling out the fabulous hair extensions to a number of salons in Ireland and the UK, and will go Stateside later this year.

"Gold Fever is the only hair company in the world that owns every part of the business, from the sourcing of the hair to delivering the product to the salon," says Barry. "This removes the distribution layer, allowing us to spend more on buying the best ethical hair. We're committed to Indian ritual hair, which is sold by the temples. The women donate their hair in a religious ceremony to give thanks to the gods, and the money goes back to their schools and hospitals, which makes it all worthwhile. We're not going to be mass market and are offering exclusivity to salons."

Barry and Katie-Jane say that working together is going very well as they both have different strengths. Katie-Jane knows hair inside out and is great on media, while Barry's financial background is a huge asset. They are working towards the same goal, and have unwavering trust in one another. While the attractive pair are delighted to be expecting their first baby in August, Katie-Jane says that the pregnancy and baby's arrival won't curtail their plans. "We don't do things in half-measures," she smiles. "We have a lot going on right now, but babies bring luck, and there is a lot of excitement there. Our families are thrilled as it will be the first grandchild on both sides."



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