Saturday 21 April 2018

Blond and Irish - five famous stars

Richard Harris
Richard Harris
Laura Whitmore
Damien Duff
Vogue Williams
Rosanna Davison

Pat Fitzpatrick

As Barry Egan talks to Lisa Murphy about her life and loves, we look at some other famous flaxen-haired Irish people


Rumour has it this famous hellraiser popped out for a pint of milk in London once and didn't return for a couple of days. Of course, you'd never see that these days. With self-service tills, you can be in and out of a shop in minutes. Richard's son, Jared, has starred in TV shows like Mad Men and The Crown, in which he played King George VI. One is a story about ruthlessly ambitious masters of illusion who like to drink all day. The other is about advertising, says you, putting on a Wolfe Tones record.


Laura was upset when the media drummed up a romance between herself and dancer Giovanni Pernice, on Strictly Come Dancing. She's right. Why would anyone think there is something sexual in two young, single people, writhing semi-naked in front of millions of viewers? Also, Italian men are known for their ability to focus on work when there is a beautiful woman around, says no woman who ever tried to order a pizza in Rome from Busy-Hands Benito. 


When Rosanna shared her views on gluten in 2015, the Foodie Police went nuts. (Macadamias to be precise; they were the It nut back then.) Don't mess with the Foodie Police. A lot of them are full of hot air, and not just because of all the kale. #Gassy. Gluten has now emerged as an enemy of mankind. If things go badly for Donald Trump, he'll probably put it on his list of deadly enemies, somewhere between Mexicans and the truth.


He made his big breakthrough at the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea. That tournament divided the country. Some felt it was best to keep boozing through the night for the 7am kick-offs. Others got up at 5am and drank shots for breakfast. Duffer went viral for his traditional bow, in a salute to Japanese fans, after scoring a goal. We checked the footage, and it's hard to make out what he said while doing this. #JustAsWellReally #YouLearnQuicklyGrasshopper?


Vogue showed great discipline to win Bear Grylls: Mission Survive. Mainly by resisting the temptation to ask the host if that's his real name. Actually it's Edward. So he's Teddy Bear Grylls. Vogue's latest mission is The Jump. Her career is on a down-slope. (Sorry.) Vogue said she's looking forward to The Jump, as she loves winter sports. No surprise. Given Vogue's accent,  we never really thought she was the darts-and-greyhounds type.

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