Friday 23 August 2019

Beyonce enjoys la dolce vita

Beyonce recently paid a visit to Florence.
Beyonce recently paid a visit to Florence.

BeyoncE recently enjoyed some delish ice cream and pizza in Florence, where she was holidaying with husband Jay Z and attending the wedding of billionaire financial consultant Noam Gottesman and Bianca Duenas.

Visiting Florence during the low season (in November and in January and February) means you will not have to queue for ages to visit the main attractions in this hugely popular city. It also means you'll beat the crowds and have an easier time walking around the city, which in 1982 was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Florence has been described as a work of art and an open-air museum; the sights include the semi-circular piazza, the Roman quadrilateral, the narrow streets of the medieval city, the splendours of the 16th Century Renaissance palace, Palazzo Pitti, the Duomo di Firenze cathedral and the Piazzale Michaelangelo, which offers great views of the city and the Medici Chapel.

Shopping is about to go seasonal has a list of the top 10 best Christmas markets in Europe, should you fancy shopping at stalls full of seasonal goodies.

The top 10, as nominated by international travellers, is: 1. Strasbourg (pictured), where a Christmas market was first held in 1570. 2. Dresden, home to 11 seasonal markets. 3. Brussels, where markets are famous for delicious dishes. 4. Lille, with more than 80 gift chalets. 5. Nuremberg, where the smell of gingerbread fills the air. 6. Basel has one of the biggest festive markets in Switzerland. 7. Vienna, where a Krippenmarkt first took place in 1298. 8. Cologne, with its quaint stalls 9. Birmingham has the biggest outdoor Christmas market in the UK. 10. Barcelona, famous for its nativity scene figures. And don't forget the Dublin and Belfast Christmas markets.

Have yourself a very yogistic holiday

Gail Getzwiller and her daughter Jamie share a love for travel and a passion for yoga, and together came up with a clever solution for when you want to do yoga while travelling.

Yoga Paws - which will save you having to carry a mat - attach to your feet and hands and offer the comfort, convenience, security and stability of a yoga mat.

The design provides extra padding and non-slip material, and the paws will fit easily into your purse, pocket or travel bag.

The paws mean you can keep up with your practice whether you are travelling overseas or, indeed, if you are overnighting with friends or just fancy a bit of stretching while at the office.

They cost around €40 from

Speaking the language of hols

It's that time of year again when thoughts turn to learning a new language - and usually the language of the country in which we imagine ourselves sipping a cocktail on our holliers.

So it's worth considering the 10 ways in which Lingholic believes a new language benefits us.

And here they are: 10. We impress people around us. 9. We develop more confidence. 8. We improve our decision-making skills. 7. We increase our brain power. 6. We completely transform our travel experience. 5. We improve our employability. 4. A new language makes studying or living overseas easier. 3. We become more open-minded. 2. We discover a new culture. 1. We meet new people and make life-long friends. See

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