Friday 15 November 2019

'As a first-time mum, I wanted to experience natural labour'

Fitness blogger Phoebe McVey (25) from Galway is 33 weeks pregnant with her second child. She says:

"I'm due to have my second child on June 3. As the baby is breech though, unless he turns in the next few weeks, I may have to go in early for a Caesarean section. My first son Kai was also born by C-section two years ago. Because I was young, fit and healthy, I was a bit disappointed.

"As a first-time mum, I wanted to experience natural labour and delivery. Instead I went into hospital at 8am and had my C-section at 2pm. It was so quick - he was out in two minutes - and my scar is tiny. Afterwards, I was back doing light exercise within two weeks.

"Nonetheless, when I found out I might have to have a second Caesarean, I was a bit upset, thinking there was something wrong or it was something I did. However, the midwife has assured me everything is fine, and is encouraging me to wait and see if the baby turns before booking in for another C-section. I don't know what I'm going to do yet. You hear horror stories about giving birth. Obviously I'd love to experience giving birth naturally. But I'm also kind of scared to have a natural birth now. If it is a natural birth, I'll definitely be having an epidural!"

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