Saturday 7 December 2019

Artist Gillian Hennessy on the loves of her life

Canvas primed: artist Gillian Hennessy. Photo: Dave Conachy.
Canvas primed: artist Gillian Hennessy. Photo: Dave Conachy.

The artist's mother, gran and sister all feature in the loves of her life, as well as, who would be the perfect date.

The person

My mam - bookworm, iPad pro, listener, adviser and brilliant friend

The memory

Sitting with my gran, May Heaslip, in the car at Sandymount beach car park - the two of us just watching the world go by

The moment of the day

Canvas primed, brushes cleaned, with Enya playing in the background; and spending time in Inniscara art gallery in Rathcoole, collecting fabulous, framed, finished pieces

The song

One by U2 and Mary J Blige

The movie

Clockwise - John Cleese as a headmaster obsessed with time and order; it is brilliantly cast

The hero

Marcel Grateau, reputed to be the inventor of the hair straightener in 1872

The book

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee - it's my return-to book between reads. Timeless

The accessory

My dog, Sheeba, adds a fur finish to any piece of clothing

The outfit

Anything but the corporate-drone suit

The gadget

A spirit level, my go-to before painting any big canvas

The pet hate

Affected D4 accents; interrupters; negative people; people taking ages to get to the point

The friend

My sister, Elaine. I could lose a close group of friends by mentioning just one friend here

The drink

Vodka and anything

The beauty product

I like Clarins Satin-Smooth Body Lotion, and I also like to use a black Mac eyeliner gel

The holiday

A return holiday to Qawra in Malta, to visit long-time Maltese friends

The piece of advice

"Don't let yesterday use up much of today." It's an old Indian proverb. And also, "Measure twice, cut once" - preparation is key in all walks of life

The smell

Coffee, turpentine and Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermes

The bar

The Shamrock Bar, Knockanore, Co Waterford - where everyone knows your name

The hobby

Trawling the internet for graphic-design tips, and a good walk alone with the earphones in

The part of my body

My earlobes. I was told they were perfectly shaped while getting my ears pierced

The celeb - he's a producer, singer, and philanthropist. Ideal date

The virtue


The vice

I'm easily bored

The taste

My mam, Eileen's, 'Don't slam the door while the fruit cake is baking, or the fruit will drop' cake

The hotel

Cabra Castle, Kingscourt, Co Cavan. Pure luxury


Gillian is an exhibitor at House 2016, Ireland's premier homes, interiors and design event at the RDS, May 20-22, see for further information

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