Friday 22 November 2019

Apologies, lies, mediations, and biological fathers

Emmerdale: Pearl and the extent of her gambling finally get rumbled, leaving her feeling like she has no option but to depart the village. Chrissie gets round to apologising to Alicia for Lachlan's actions, while Ross is left slightly jarred when he cops that Carly is Donna's sister. Adam decides to propose to Victoria, because they've been back together for almost a month now; Nicola, Jimmy and Angel head to the airport (but who will get on the plane?); Doug finally talks to someone about Laurel's drinking, while Aaron lays into Robert - and not in a good way.

Fair City: Farrah's pregnancy scare is nearly enough to send Max over the edge. Between this, the job prospects, and leaving Christy to die, it's amazing that he's still knocking around the locality. Brongah finds herself in a sticky situation when she uncovers Robbie and Carol's dalliance, and it's not long before Dan starts whiffing several rats. Elsewhere, Jo's doggedness to start a business gets too much for Dermot.

Coronation Street: What's the one thing you don't do at a mediation? Start hurling insults at the person you're having issues with in front of your mediator. David Platt obviously didn't get that memo, leaving the ball in Callum's court when Gail gets held up at Gavin's funeral. And that's the least of Gail's issues this week. Elsewhere, Michelle realises just how much debt Steve is in, while Faye and Craig are undertaking a recce for a potential place for the tween to give birth.

EastEnders: Sharon is still on the hunt for her biological father, and things really get 'interesting' when the solicitor who organised her adoption informs her that Den specifically requested to adopt her. Linda - who is of course by Sharon's side at the appointment - suggests that perhaps Den was her biological father after all. He was just playing away, innit? Turns out, that's not the case. Is Sharon's genetic father right on her doorstep?

Ros na Run: Birthday boy Pádraig winds up in hospital thanks to Cathal.

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