Wednesday 24 January 2018

Another year, another UN triumph

Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama

Another year, another new United Nations Human Rights Council.

This will be the body which the Irish Government, NGOs and various advocacy groups will prostrate themselves before.

This is the group which has previously condemned this county on everything from the homeless crisis, the treatment of prisoners and, of course, the ever vexed issue of abortion.

So, which international pillars of decency and goodwill will be judging us and every other civilised country in the world?

How will Irish feminists feel when they're making a presentation to a council which has Saudi Arabia on board?

You know, the Saudi Arabia which still doesn't trust women to drive - and not because they think the little ladies have difficulty executing a three-point turn, either.

Or what about that leading light in international human rights, Burundi, which has an unfortunate cultural habit of massacring demonstrators and then torturing anyone who tries to report on it?

Oh look, there's China on the council. How lovely.

Will those Irish people who think the Dalai Lama (pictured) is as close to a God-like figure we have in human form feel warm and cosy with the Government which has subjugated the Tibetans and virtually exterminated the Falun Gong?

Qatar, one of those countries where slavery is alive and well and thriving is in there, which will be nice seeing as they are going to host the World Cup in 2022. Let's hope Israel doesn't qualify, because no Iraelis are allowed into that delightful desert paradise.

Actually, at this stage, let's just hope that Israel still exists in six years' time.

Frankly, I'm surprised they haven't given diplomatic recognition to Islamic State, because half the countries on the list have more in common with ISIS than they do with normal nations.

I could mention some of the other places, but it's the law of diminishing returns - Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Cuba (of course).

Why do we still pay any attention to this broken, feeble, wicked organisation?

The UN is not the UN of liberal fantasy. It's not a place of international dialogue and fraternity. Instead, it offers a veneer of respectability to every tin-pot theocracy and terror-supporting state on earth.

Yet Western liberals still cling to the utopian ideal that the UN is somehow a force for good in the world when all the evidence points, quite conclusively, in the opposite direction.

But enough of me standing on the sidelines hurling consequential rocks at them - will some NGO please hire me to deliver their presentation to this cavalcade of nutters?

I promise to be nice...

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