Monday 23 October 2017

Anna Haugh, executive chef

Executive chef Anna Haugh who is part of the Taste of Dublin line-up.
Executive chef Anna Haugh who is part of the Taste of Dublin line-up.

Ballymaloe chefs feature prominently in the loves of executive chef Anna Haugh's life as does her mother's coddle.

The person

Let's say the person is a chef . . . Myrtle Allen. Darina is a close second. I grew up watching my mother prepare recipes from the Allens. But it's their efforts in protecting Irish recipes and sharing their knowledge that impresses me the most

The memory

Waking up on a weekend to Bob Dylan's music, while a full-Irish was being cooked. Being greeted with, 'Morning love, want a sausage on a fork?' Yes, ma'am. Yes, I do!

The moment of the day

First, my morning coffee, and last, when my head hits the pillow, melting with exhaustion into the bed

The holiday

A cruise on the Riviera with my sisters. I was working 80 hours a week at The Square [in London], I saved the few extra pennies I had each month and went on an amazing, glamorous trip with strong, inspiring women

The song

Got To Go Back by Van Morrison. When I first moved over to London, my sister was already here. This was often the first song she would play as I would walk in the door - she could be opening a bottle of wine or making a cup of tea. It reminds me of home, it reminds me of my family. It make me feel happy

The movie

The Heat. I love to laugh. The script and Melissa McCarthy kill me

The hero

My dad. I've learned more from watching how my dad has lived his life than anything I could read in a self-help book. He's a great man

The piece of advice

Don't be selfish; if you can help someone, you should. We all need help on many occasions in our lives. What goes around, comes around

The book

How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran. She is funny, smart, and kind

The outfit

Chef's whites. I feel comfortable, neat and strong in my whites

The accessory

A knife. I'm always cooking for family and friends, so I often have a knife tucked under my arm or in my handbag, including the time I tried to get through airport security with three large cooks' knives and a blender. I'm lucky they didn't Taser me on sight

The friend

Janice and Orla. I can't say one without the other. When I doubted myself, they reassured me. When I was sad or made mistakes, they made me laugh and motivated me to try harder. They made me feel like I never had to give up to feel better

The gadget

Apart from my most important limb, my phone, I guess it's the radio. I always have music on. I love to listen to Esther O'Moore Donohoe, who's on TXFM on Saturdays, while I potter around with a cup of tea

The pet hate

Selfishness. A person not giving their seat on the bus to an elderly person, or to someone struggling with kids. It feels good to think of others

The beauty product

A hairbrush . . . wait, that's not a beauty product. Happiness? Damn, I'm failing this one. Water, butter . . . I give up. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The part of my body

My brain. In general, I've grown to accept all my bits and pieces. I like most of it really, so let's change that to my skin

The drink

Dry sherry. Dry amontillado or palo cortado. Once I got a taste for sherry, the smell now feels like anticipation

The hotel

Hotel France & Chateaubriand, Saint Malo, in France. All of my family have stayed here one time or another. It's what you want in a small French hotel. Back in the day, it was a choice home for many pirates

The bar

Ely Wine Bar for sherry; Hogan's for a pint; and 777 for margaritas (that get me in trouble)

The virtue

I love doing things - including work

The vice

I love doing things, including work; I never stop

The smell

Anticipation, aka sherry. Also lemon, orange and grapefruit zest. Oh, and freshly ground caraway seeds

The hobby

Walking and laughing; I search out anything that makes me laugh. Books, movies, people, songs, shows, friends, memories, gifs

The celebrity

Crush? Ryan Gosling. Admire? Amy Poehler. OK, I've changed my mind. She has passed away, but it must be Maya Angelou

The taste

My mother's coddle. She is an amazing cook. I am grateful that she shaped my palate from a very young age. She's a great woman

Anna Haugh, who is of executive chef at Bob Bob Ricard restaurant in London's Soho, is part of the Homecoming line-up of chefs for this year's Taste of Dublin festival, at the Iveagh Gardens from Thursday, June 16, to Sunday, June 19. Tickets, from €15, available now,


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