Saturday 21 September 2019

Ann Summers gets its knickers in twist over Isis

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An Ann Summers store in London, launching the chain's new Isis range
An Ann Summers store in London, launching the chain's new Isis range
Ann Summers' website showing one of its Isis range
Kim Bielenberg

Kim Bielenberg

Spare a thought for the sex toy and lingerie chain Ann Summers, which picked the wrong month to launch a range of underwear called Isis.

It is hard to imagine members of the terrorist group - that only recently used the same name - wearing the thongs, suspenders and plunge bras. . . but there is no accounting for taste.

A spokesperson for Ann Summers said that the name of the Isis collection had been chosen "far in advance" of it now appearing in its store windows.

There is no sign that Ann Summers will withdraw its Isis knickers.

Perhaps the Irish Sentencing Information System (ISIS), which is run by the courts service, will have to be rebranded, however.

Last year Kia caused a storm when it named one of its car Provo.

Needless to say that went down like a bomb among unionists.

We were struck by the headline in The Guardian: "Landlord fined for renting room that could only be entered on all fours"

What's wrong with that?

It sounds ideal for students.


MK Dons

They sound like some class of mafia boss,  but MK Dons caused a football sensation — thrashing Manchester United 4-0 in the Capital One Cup.

Kit suppliers Sondico taunted United by placing a mobile billboard with a picture of former manager David Moyes with the slogan: “Bring back the Messiah!”


Brad and Angelina

There was a collective yawn across the showbiz world as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced that they  had got married in France.

 This came as something as a surprised to those who assumed they were already hitched, or that he was going out with yer wan off Friends.



Spare a thought for train passengers who had to  learn how to hail a bus during a two-day train strike.

Bill Vaughan on Twitter was unfazed: “No trains and lousy weather. Welcome to daily life in the west of Ireland.”


Panda births

The first live broadcast of a panda birth was cancelled after it emerged the “expectant mother” wasn’t actually pregnant and faked the whole thing to get more sticky buns.

Pregnant bears receive more food and other “enrichment programmes.”

No don’t ask.

Headline of the week


Daily Telegraph


“It’s been a fantastic adventure so far. And it’s only just begun.”

Kate Bush on her return to the stage in London



The train strike was a culture shock for many, including bus passengers.


There’s some #trainstrike blow-in sitting on _my_ seat. Cheeky.


Then there are the everyday passengers, who find ways of amusing themselves.


 On 15A bus, guy says to friend “Why do you always sit at the front?”. . . “So I can check if the drivers of oncoming buses wave at our driver.”

There was plenty of gloating over Manchester United’s poor performances


Louis van Gaal (inset) has just asked for Kate Bush rules: no photography, no filming.

#MKDons VManUtd

Sometimes it can be difficult for chaps watching TV


It’s so tiring trying to live up to the perfect ideal of male stupidity as demanded of me by television advertising.


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