Friday 15 December 2017

Angela Scanlon: So Who's for some cauliflower pizza?

Angela Scanlon
Angela Scanlon
Angela Scanlon skiing in Austria
Austrian countryside, by Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon

I like to think I'm an early adopter but sometimes my mind moves faster than my body. I mean to do it, I promise myself I will, I make plans… But often something else gets in the way. Something fun or spontaneous. Procrastinating like a good thing, that's me. And the problem is it stops me from getting on with things that will ultimately, after the initial inconvenience, be positive additions to my life.

Take cauliflower pizza. I mean, it sounds disgusting but I've been intrigued for months. And this weekend my world changed forever. Suddenly something that should be a 'treat', a 'blowout', something that makes me bloat and causes crankiness, is now virtuous. It's a revelation!

It wasn't even that difficult. Whizz up the cauliflower so it's a little paste-like, add an egg, some ground almonds, buckwheat flour and bicarbonate of soda, shape it into something that resembles a pizza, open a beer and wait for the magic. Once it's a little 'done' looking, add all the good bits; tomato, onion, ham, pineapple, egg, BBQ chicken, Smarties, whatever gets you going, and pop it back in for a bit of browning. Unleash it on the world and await rapturous applause.

Whoever made this happen, however it works, I don't care. What I care about is the fact that some foodie decided to try whatever they could in an attempt to escape obesity and in doing so made pizza one of my five a day. Of course cauliflower pizza is not the only 'junk food' made using vegetables - there's sweet potato muffins, sweet corn ice-cream, avocado chocolate mousse, courgette spaghetti and beetroot brownies. They all sound like they shouldn't work - sweetcorn ice-cream sounds absolutely vomit-inducing - but the rest I can get on board with. I think.

Winter is now over and so, along with a stretch in the evenings and a spring in our steps, we are leaving behind the heavy stew-like situations that have been part of our daily dinners. We are craving lighter and leaner, cleaner food. Perhaps it's in anticipation for the 'derobing' that is inevitable once the sun comes out. It may happen for a week in April, or it may be three days in May, but either way we will be ready.

I will attempt to unleash my inner glamazon and invite friends around for herbal tea and courgetti. This all sounds dreamy, like I'm living my true LA life… And then I'm reminded of the saying "no great story starts with a salad" and I remember that my procrastination has not been in vain - I have merely been protecting myself from myself.

It's clear now that my inability to stick with these wonderfully virtuous new eating fads is not failure or weakness, it's some sub-conscious defence mechanism, a way for my psyche to save me from the boredom of a life lived eating a variety of vegetables. Now pass me the pizza.

I Saw sia!

Last weekend Sia performed on The Voice UK and she was incredible (and I saw her face!). An Australian artist and producer, she's created some of the biggest hits for Beyoncé, Rihanna and even Celine Dion. She's decided to remain faceless while she performs as she doesn't want to be famous or critiqued for her appearance. Genius.

My favourite things

Last week I was in Austria. The hills were alive with the sound of yodelling, I skied and ate Strudel and bathed in thermal waters until my fingers shrivelled up like prunes. I visited the home of Mozart and breathed in the same air as Julie Andrews and hopped on some rather famous steps while singing the soundtrack of my childhood. It's a funny one, usually I want to go on holiday to a place that feels utterly foreign, new and exotic, nostalgia is never part of it… but there was something special about this. I'm now considering a trip to Trabolgan to revisit my inner eight-year-old and have the time of my life on that delightful yellow slide.

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