Friday 15 December 2017

Angela Scanlon - forever friends: It's never too late to go on a mate date

Angela Scanlon
Angela Scanlon
Angela Scanlon hosted BBC's coverage of Scottish music festival T in the Park.

Angela Scanlon

Moving to a new city is both terrifying and exhilarating. Much like the first day of school, feelings of anticipation mixed with trepidation, stepping into the unknown with no chance to turn around and go back.

You have to find your feet and figure out where you fit in. Of course you're an adult now so it's not like Mean Girls, people are mostly brilliant but they're also really busy! As a student it's easy to make friends; you drink a lot, have a relatively modest workload compared with real life and you're all in the same boat - curious and hungry to experience as much of the world and its inhabitants as possible.

Making friends is one of life's wonderful gifts. Like falling in love, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, it changes you from the inside out.

A good and true friend will make you laugh - or better still, laugh at you - nod patiently when you fall to pieces before plying you with wine and dragging you to a dodgy club, or feeding you chocolate and watching old movies. A great friend will forgive you when you mess up, rejoice with you when you triumph, smile widely when you're happy and rob your clothes. There are a million people you can air-kiss and have coffee with but what I'm looking for is someone I can ultimately chat to in my pyjamas or make a show of myself with contradictory political views without feeling like an idiot.

The major difference between romantic love and friendship is that these days we can hop online and open a world full of eligible bachelors, we can encourage our mates or our mothers to set us up, we can meet them in a bar or share a smile in a coffee shop, we can be open. Download Tinder and open up a whole world of digitally savvy, potential flings or life-long partners.

You can have a date a day if you're into it, but what about 'mate dates'? Are they even a thing? Should they be?

I recently took someone's number at an event… It felt hideously awkward and slightly creepy (me not her) but I also thought she was a cool chick with a brain and we had a laugh. What more could you want?

There aren't a million people around who you instantly connect with and you maybe want to share a glass of wine with, so I figured why the hell not? I think I love her and she will be a life-long pal. I'm glad I did it. I'm happy we dated - I hope to do it more often.

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Last weekend went by in a blur of deafening drums, muck and cans (of beer and hairspray). I got to host BBC's coverage of Scottish music festival T in the Park. My highlights were chatting to Noel Gallagher, followed by his incredible set, and snooping around The Prodigy's dressing room before interviewing them. I didn't expect to find a tidy rail of freshly washed clothes, ginger and Manuka honey, and more blueberries than any three men should be allowed to consume in there. They may have changed since their party-heavy heyday, but they've still got it!

Home comforts

A spa day is the ultimate luxury for me. Phone off, robe on, someone kneading you with lavender-scented hands and just the right pressure. If you're not flush, why not DIY? Get your mate around, whip out a mask and give her a little treat. You can do swaps and feel pampered without the price tag.

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